How to beat the Elden Ring Draconic Tree Sentinel boss fight

Knowing how to beat the Elden Ring Draconic Tree Sentinel boss fight is vital information as this brutal upgrade on the original Calvary Knight is even worse than before and marks a chokehold on the Elden Ring as he is determined to prevent you from reaching Leyndell. , real. capital. Of course, it’s just the latest in a series of stubborn boss fights, and you won’t let that stop you, will you? Here we will show you how to beat the Draconic Tree Sentinel boss fight in Elden Ring, including weaknesses, strategies, rewards, the second Draconic Tree Sentinel that awaits you later, and if you have to fight them. …? Please follow along with hocwiki

Draconic Tree Sentinel

What is Draconic Tree Sentine ?

The Draconic Tree Sentinel is the world boss of the Elden Ring. Draconic Tree Sentinels are large knights in tan/brown armor, riding large horses found outside the capital. Defeating this boss opens the entrance to Leyndell Royal Capital and is only optional if the player has made significant progress in Fia’s quest. The more powerful Draconic Tree Sentinel is a regular inhabitant of Crump Farum Azula.

What is Draconic Tree Sentine ?
What is Draconic Tree Sentine ?
Draconic Tree Sentinel Overview
LocationCapital Outskirts
SummonsSpirit Ashes and Players
  • 50,000 Runes
  • Dragon Greatclaw
  • Dragonclaw Shield
Weak ToPhysical Strike Attacks Physical Thrust Attacks

Can you elden ring draconic tree sentinel cheese ?

Your first step is to get the Poison Mist spell, which can be found in the southern part of the Weeping Peninsula. Go to Castle Morne Rampart’s Place of Grace and then go southeast to where I marked on the map. As you approach the forest, you will see one of the teardrop scarabs roll the ball. You can get Poison Mist by killing the Scarab. These beetles roam the area, so you may need to catch them using ranged attacks or torrents before they run away.

Can you cheese tree Sentinel?
Can you cheese tree Sentinel?

After acquiring this spell, you need at least 12 Faith to cast it and a Seal to craft it. The quality of the seal isn’t that important, so go back to the Table of Lost Grace and talk to the Twin Maiden Husks. If you have a high enough Faith stat, you can buy a fingerprint that allows you to use Poison Mist.

What is draconic tree Sentinel weak to ?

To increase the damage you deal, coat a melee weapon with a mist of poison and use his weakness to poison it. Combining this with the summoning of Spirit Ash with a poison attack will destroy his health much more easily.

What is draconic tree Sentinel weak to ?
What is draconic tree Sentinel weak to ?

Sneak behind Draconic Tree Sentinel then use Poison Mist :

  • This is a very reliable yet cheating tactic that requires a Poison Mist and can take 10-15 minutes to execute.
  • Start hiding right behind the Draconic Tree Sentinel. Just sneak through the trees on either side of the Sentry Gate. Put you right behind the ponytail – as close as possible, but not enough for you to touch the Draconic Tree Sentinel or its horse.
  • Cast Poison Mist from behind while in position and recast the spell whenever the fog clears. The Draconic Tree Sentinel will not react to poison as long as you are present. Repeat this process until the Draconic Tree Sentinel dies.

How many tree sentinels are there ?

In Lands Between, there are many optional boss battles players can encounter, and over 100 boss battles throughout the game. So it’s not surprising that some boss fights appear more than once. My toes are blurry. In addition to patrolling Limgrave, the Tree Sentinel can only be encountered three times in total, as it guards the main outer gate of Leyndell, the capital of The Lands Between in the Elden Ring. However, players who want proper city access will have other problems.

How many tree sentinels are there ?
How many tree sentinels are there ?

Draconic tree sentinel recommended level ?

Recommended Level for Draconic Tree Sentinel :

Draconic tree sentinel recommended level ?
Draconic tree sentinel recommended level ?
NameRecommended LevelRunesLocationItem Drops
Draconic Tree Sentinel6550,000 RunesAltus Plateau
  • Dragon Greatclaw
  • Dragonclaw Shield

Elden Ring Draconic Tree Sentinel boss fight: How do you beat draconic tree Sentinel?

Here are some basic tips to help you defeat the Draconic Tree Sentinel boss fight in Elden Ring:

  1. Exploit the weaknesses of Strike, Pierce, Poison, and Scarlet Rot.
  2. Defend yourself from shock and lightning damage.
  3. Summons ranged minions and NPC helpers.
  4. Use items to increase stats and stay mobile.
  5. Stay on the shield side and dodge the hammer.
  6. Get close in phase 2 to no longer be struck by lightning.
  7. If all else fails, use the easy Poison Mist cheese method.
Elden Ring Draconic Tree Sentinel boss fight: how to defeat Draconic Tree Sentinel
Elden Ring Draconic Tree Sentinel boss fight: how to defeat Draconic Tree Sentinel

To defeat the Draconic Tree Sentinel boss fight in the Elden Ring, players will need to ditch shields, play fast and safe, and choose their weapons carefully, as Draconic Tree Sentinel has a lot of resistances and using the wrong type of gear can let it down. . . remove small amounts of health instead of dealing real damage. This is quite a different boss in his attack patterns and feats than what we discussed in our Elden Ring Tree Sentinel Boss guide.

The most important thing to note (and we’ll get to that later) is that Draconic Tree Sentinel is a boss where evasion is key. All of his attacks are massive hits that can stun shielded players or completely pierce through their defenses, leaving them totally vulnerable to immediate follow-up. If possible, you should avoid being hit, rather than unsuccessfully trying to block or cancel their attacks.

Exploit his weaknesses to Str/Th damage, as well as Poison and Scarlet Rot.

The Dragon Tree Sentinel is the weakest against hit and push damage, and has trouble resisting poison and scarlet rot status effects. Use them if you can! Rot Grease and Poison Grease are definite perks. In contrast, the Draconic Tree Sentinel is highly resistant to fire, lightning, and slashing damage, taking much less damage from these sources than others. Those with flaming claws (as we use them) will have a hard time breaking through his armor.

Make sure you are protected against its shock and lightning damage.

The Sentinel’s own attacks are a mix of occasional shock, lightning, and fire damage. If you’re torn between two armor sets, wear the one that best suits those damage types. Fire damage is used the least often, generally speaking, so it should be your lowest priority.

Summon ranged minions and NPC helpers when possible

Players can summon two NPCs with nearby summon signs: Horned Tragoth and Millicent, though the latter can only be brought in if players have reached stage 8 of the Elden Ring Millicent questline and killed the apostle Godskin in the Dominula village.

If you’re using Ashes to summon, you probably want groups of enemies or ranged fighters that Sentinel will have a hard time hitting. Sentinel’s powerful attacks can be devastating in a single hit that’s hard to avoid, so if you call in a single melee-focused ally, he’ll likely be crushed in no time. The Spirit Jellyfish isn’t bad here, as it floats out of reach and applies Poison from a distance.

Use consumables and items to improve your stats and stay away

As mentioned, Poison/Rot Grease is a good item here, and try using the Great Rune of Godrick or Radahn to increase its stats and health accordingly. If you’re running low on rune bows, check out our Elden Ring Great Rune and Rune Bow farming guide. And don’t get on Torrent unless you’re trying to go back to heal yourself, and even then be careful. Your trusty steed may be fast in a straight line, but it’s atrocious at dodging attacks.

Stay on his shield side in battle and keep your distance with the hammer.

In general, you’ll want to stay on Sentinel’s shield side, as his giant hammer always stays on the right side. That’s not to say they can’t hit you with a shield or other attacks, but it’s generally easier to dodge. And as mentioned, the Sentinel’s Hammer is deadly devastating, but it also has a wide range, with a huge shockwave that spreads every time it hits the ground. You must put a real distance between you and him to be safe.

Elden Ring Draconic Tree Sentinel boss fight: How do you beat draconic tree Sentinel?
Elden Ring Draconic Tree Sentinel boss fight: How do you beat draconic tree Sentinel?

The situation worsens: the horse can shoot fire from its mouth, which spreads to the ground when it falls from the foal. Pay attention to the environment: if the fireball hits something, it explodes and damages everything nearby. It is possible to dodge, only for the fireball to hit a rock behind you and catch you in the blast.

Despite this, casters may find this fight a bit easier if fought from a safe distance. The Sentinel has ranged attacks, but they are not as deadly as his melee attacks. Staying out of hammer range is always good. If you focus on melee and have big weapons, try using heavy jump attacks. While you can’t get a critical hit, you can stagger the dragon sentinel and use it as a follow up for more free hits, or to back up and heal yourself.

Switch to closer and faster combat in phase 2 to avoid getting hit by lightning.

At half his health, the Sentinel begins Phase 2, imbuing his attacks with lightning damage and gaining new moves. You’ll have to be even more careful now, as his hammer attacks fire electricity through the usual shockwave to deal extra damage.

The Sentinel also gains a lot more ranged moves at this point, some of which are deadlier than others. In fact, while in phase 1 it was safer to stay at a distance, now you’ll want to go back and forth at medium range, hitting them without getting far enough away for them to use their ranged fatal blows.

Once in Phase 2, the range of many Draconic Tree Sentinel attacks becomes so wide that you often can’t get out. Instead, you need to time your dodge invincibility frames to match the instant you get hit. It’s not easy, but it’s your best chance.

If All Else Fails, Use The Easy Cheese Poison Mist Method

With the right items, the Draconic Tree Sentinel can burn, and frankly, with such a puny boss, we don’t blame you. The only widely used community method we’ve found that still seems to work at the time of this writing is one involving Poison Mist, an enchantment obtained by killing one of the Teardrop Scarabs in Castle Morne.

Once you have the spell, equip it (only requires 12 Faith), along with a Seal, and sneak behind the Sentinel Tree without alerting or attacking it. Then simply throw Poison Mist on the back of your horse; aside from the obvious potential for degrading fart pranks, this will poison and damage the Draconic Tree Sentinel without alerting it. He then keeps doing that and watches as Sentinel’s health depletes as he wonders why he feels so bad.

They should eventually die, but if you’re having trouble sneaking up behind them, you can also distract the Sentinel with an ash summon, sneak in their place, exit, and re-enter the game. Now the Sentinel will shut down, your mind will be gone and you’re ready for the fog cheese.

Elden Ring draconic tree sentry boss fight how to beat

There is a second Draconic Tree Sentinel in Crumbling Farum Azula, a place much later in the game, near the end of the Elden Ring. This Draconic Tree Sentinel is more of a mini-boss, a burly foe that is simply present on the path leading to the real boss of the area, Maliketh (who we talked about in our how to beat Maliketh in Elden Ring guide). Thankfully, most of what we’ve said about Altus Plateau’s Dragon Tree Sentinel applies to this one as well, though it’s much harder to dodge them with the cheese method.

Alternatively, there’s another option to add cheese to this one (sort of): Start at the Temple of Dragon’s Grace altar site, head up the curving stairs to the south, then take the immediate east hallway before finally turning to the left. left to see a large hole in the side of the building. You can look outside and see the dragon sentinel below! Start connecting them with arrows, but be careful: they can still hit you with some ranged attacks, even at this distance. Be prepared to roll safely if they try, but without having to worry about melee attacks, it should be a lot easier (if a bit tricky).

Draconic Tree Sentinel Rewards

Elden Ring draconic tree sentry boss fight how to beat

Unfortunately, Dragon Tree Sentinel doesn’t drop any memories, but killing the one guarding Leyndell’s Gate will net you 50,000 runes, as well as Dragon Greatclaw and Dragonclaw Shield, the same Colossal Weapon and Great Shield high-strength requirement that were used against you. . A while ago.

Meanwhile, Farum Azula’s Sentinel drops 28,000 runes, as well as the Malformed Dragon armor set. It’s a decent, if a little weird, set that justifies its weight with simple, solid defensive stats.

Do I have to fight the draconic tree Sentinel?

The Draconic Tree Sentinel is a boss outside the capital city of the Northeastern Atlas Highlands. Boss is optional. This means that you don’t have to defeat a boss to enter Royal Capital Leyndell, and you can progress through Fia’s quests through the Deeproot Depths.

Do I have to fight the draconic tree Sentinel?
Do I have to fight the draconic tree Sentinel?

However, the Deeproot Depths method is quite long and time consuming. So fighting the boss to get ahead is a better option. You can also get great weapons and nice shields.

You can summon Spirit Ashes and online players to help you in battle. You can also summon NPC Black Guard Big Bogart by purchasing Lia’s Necklace and Squid. The boss is quite weak against physical attacks and attacks, so make good use of it. Defeating the boss will grant you 50,000 Runes, Dragon Claw (weapon) and Dragonclaw Shield.

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