How to beat the Elden Ring Elden Beast final boss fight

The final boss fight against the Elden Ring Elden Beast is arguably as difficult as this famously difficult game, as the divine order of the cosmos manifests as some sort of palm-frond liopleurodon central nervous system and goes for your eyes. Did you expect the ending of Elden Ring to be anything other than that? The Elden Beast is a brutal, single-boss tank whose surreal grace hides powerful holy magic and a massive health bar. And after you’ve fought your way through Radagon to get to Elden Beast, you’re probably feeling pretty tired to begin with. We sympathize, but don’t worry – we’ve rounded up everything you need to know about how to beat the final boss fight in Elden Ring Elden Beast, including tips, strategies, weaknesses, and some very exciting rewards.

How to beat the final Elden Beast boss fight in Elden Ring

Elden Ring Elden Beast final boss fight how to beat

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Elden Beast Tips and Strategies

Elden Ring Elden Beast final boss fight how to beat

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The Elden Beast is an enemy with incredibly high health and weird, bizarre attack patterns that are hard to anticipate. It’s worth mentioning that almost all of this is holy damage, and anything you can do to negate holy damage will greatly increase your survivability. Both the Haligdrake Talisman and the Lord’s Divine Fortification Enchantment will increase your resistance to this type of damage, so they can be very valuable. Beyond that, once you’re in the arena, here are some helpful tips for dealing with all the ethereal horror the Elden Beast will throw at you.

  • To have the best chance of defeating the Elven Beast, your recommended level should be 120 and above, with weapons of +22 or more. Note that this is a “minimum” score, and it won’t be easy anyway.
  • The Elden Beast actually heals with holy damage, so for God’s sake don’t use it! It’s also fairly resistant against magic, fire, and lightning, but not to the point where you have to meet all specs to avoid them. Standard weapon damage will do more against the Beast, so work with that.
  • Speaking of which, the glowing, cracked area on the Beast’s belly is a weakness that takes bonus damage from all attacks. It’s not a huge difference and will put you right in the danger zone, but it’s worth keeping in mind if the opportunity arises.
  • Unfortunately, he’s also completely immune to almost all status effects, including Bleeding, Frostbite, Scarlet Rot, Poison, and all the others. Don’t bother applying them, they will never work.
  • You will start in the arena some distance from the Elden Beast – take this opportunity to heal, buff or summon before properly engaging in combat.
  • The Elden Beast is not only a tank with a lot of health, it is also quite difficult to hit. He jumps and flies through the air, “swims” on the ground, and can quickly reposition himself at the opposite end of the battlefield in an instant. You’ll spend a lot of this boss fight trying to grab that damn thing, even if you’re a ranged caster. Summons can help distract or immobilize him, but there’s really no getting around the fact that it’s very much a chase.
  • Speaking of which, if you’re running towards him, and you will, make sure you have energy ready by the time you reach him. There’s no point in running around the arena, only to be too tired to attack or run away when you get close.
  • For offensive strategy, spells with a wide area of ​​effect are always a good option, as Elden Beast is a giant target (if you can keep it from moving). Spells that fire multiple projectiles are even better, since something this big will be hit by most, if not all.
  • At 50% health or less, some of the Elden Beast’s attacks get a bit more elaborate, usually combining multiple attacks in some way. It’s not distinct enough to be a true Phase 2, but it’ll be worth keeping an eye out for once you get past that threshold.
  • The Elden Beast may be off balance, but good luck – it’ll take some time and you’ll have to work on it. permanently.

Attack Patterns and Elven Beast Counters

Elden Ring Elden Beast final boss fight how to beat

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The Elden Beast, above all else, is just… weird, because you haven’t put up that much of a fight and keep pulling god superpowers out of thin air. A complete list of all his attack patterns would probably overload this website, and most of them are variations of sword slashes that you can dodge with a simple combat roll anyway. But some of them are just plain weird, and we’ve listed them below, along with what you should do when you find them.

Elven Beast Attack Patterns
ring prisonThe Beast flies and floats, creating a ring of energy around the player. The concentric circles come together to damage the player before everything explodes. Later variations will have narrower circles.Immediately start running towards the nearest part of the ring, rolling at the last second when the tight circles are about to hit you. It is essential to get out before the ring explodes!
fire vomitThe Beast “vomits” yellow fire in front of it in a spreading cloud.Run sideways as fast as you can, don’t roll and try to go around/behind the Beast.
galaxy cloud explosionThe Beast shoots out a line of purple clouds with stars in them. A moment later, the line explodes.Pretty simple, slide sideways out of the clouds before they explode. Make sure you don’t get caught in another attack before that!
artillery barrageThe Beast flies overhead, unleashing a barrage of glowing spikes aimed at the player.Pick a direction and keep running. Don’t slow down or roll, stay right in front of the spikes.
catch attackThe Beast grabs the player with a glowing hand, dealing massive damage if it catches you.Take a step back when you see the hand glow, then take a step back when the hand goes down.
Black Hole Teleportation BombThe Beast disappears into a black hole that explodes and teleports it to another place.Run away from the black hole as soon as you see it appear, then roll into combat once the Beast is gone.
cue ball ignitionThe Beast creates a ball of directed energy that spits sparks of magic and follows the player, stalking them without remorse.Run away from the energy ball, then when it’s about to hit you, back up and run to the other side. Repeat until it dissipates, watching for any other attacks the Beast makes along the way.
Sword Bow ProjectilesThe Beast swings its sword, firing four low, wide waves of energy at the player.Roll in and through the waves of energy. Be careful, the last two waves are staggered!
breath coneThe Beast plunges his sword into the ground, creating a cone of energy in front of him. The closer you are to the starting point, the more damage you take.Very hard to dodge, you’ll probably get hit a few times before you learn the trick. Roll to the side when you see the attack coming, then roll to the side when the cone starts.

Elden Beast Final Boss Fight Rewards and Souvenir

Elden Ring Elden Beast final boss fight how to beat

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Slaying the Elden Beast is the final challenge in the Elden Ring, so the first reward you get is pride, or maybe some sadness as you get closer to the end. However, if you kill him, you’ll also get 500,000 princely runes, as well as the Elden Keepsake, which can be used to craft the Elden Ring Holy Relic Sword, a weapon so good we made this page out of it! ! You can also use it to craft Marika’s Hammer, which we discuss on the same page.

Even more interesting, you’ve now reached the ending, and depending on the choices you’ve made earlier, you can trigger one of the Elden Ring endings and watch the Lands Between unfold. Or now that the main campaign is over, why not check out All There Is To Do In Elden Ring Before NG+? There is still much to find beyond that.

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