How to beat the Elden Ring Godskin Duo boss fight

The Elden Ring Godskin Duo boss fight in Crumbling Farum Azula is tough, with the two recurring enemy types now teaming up as a nightmarish version of Laurel and Hardy. Using a combination of magic and sudden blows to overwhelm players and throw them off balance, this marks one of the most difficult experiences in Elden Ring, especially as these two horrors must be fought at the same time. Fortunately, we’ve removed them and can walk you through how to beat the Elden Ring Godskin Duo boss fight, whether you’re having trouble with the massive Godskin Noble or the angular Godskin Apostle, or just want some tips and tricks.

How to beat the Elden Ring Godskin Duo boss fight

Elden Ring Godskin Duo boss fight noble apostle how to beat

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Major bosses of the Elden Ringelden ring

Godskin Duo Tips and Tricks to Prepare

Elden Ring Godskin Duo boss fights to defeat a Noble Apostle

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The Godskin duo have common weaknesses and strengths, meaning strategic advice applied to one can also be applied to the other. Here are some basic thoughts to keep in mind before and during the boss fight.

  • The recommended level for Godskin Duo is at least 100, with weapons of +18 or more. That said, you should probably end up a little higher than that at this point, assuming you’re not alone on the critical path.
  • There’s a bit of a walk between Grace’s old site and the arena – the best you can do is avoid the enemies on the path, running past them, down the steps to the left, then down to the thin ledge on the broken path. with the arena entrance in front of you on the right. You’ll meet a couple of knights along the way, but leave them in your dust.
  • Alternatively, if you approach Grace’s secondary site to the southeast, the Dragon Temple Transept, there will be an option to summon the friendly Recusant NPC Bernahl.
  • Godskin Duo is somewhat vulnerable to Slashing damage and general status effects like Bleeding and Frostbite, but is very resistant to Strikes, as well as Fire, Lightning, and Magic, leaving few physical weaknesses.
  • The Sleep effect can help make this fight a lot easier: Calm down one of the Godskins with a Sleep Pot, Sleeping Grease, or St. Trina’s Arrow, then leave them alone while you fight the other.
  • Both can be stopped and staggered, but not easily. Only try to stop if you’re feeling brave, or risk taking the attack to the nose.
  • The pillars around the arena can be used for cover and protection; use them on all occasions.
  • Generally, you want to kill the Noble Godskin (the big one) first, as he is more of a threat and can deal more damage. It’s not essential though, and while the Apostle (the skinny one) is less damaging, he’s also faster and hits from a good distance without warning.
  • Each of them has a move where they levitate in the air surrounded by black fire and immediately fall back down to create a shockwave. Ride when you see it coming! The shockwave is short-range but damaging, and will knock players to the ground and leave them vulnerable to follow-up.
  • Once the collective health bar is depleted, all remaining Godskins die, regardless of their individual health.

You can also see an explanation of how to deal with the two Godskins individually below. All of the above applies to both, but each has its own nuances which are listed below.

Fight the Godskin duo in the Elden Ring

Below we have the Godskin Duo explained as separate entities, so if you’re really fighting one or just need to know what makes them tick, we’ve clearly explained it!

How to beat Noble God Skin

Elden Ring Godskin, the boss of the duo, fight against the noble apostle, how to beat

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The Godskin Noble is the more dangerous of the two by our reckoning, a massive enemy tank that can tank most attacks and send players flying with its mace. Here are some things to keep in mind.

  • The Nobleman’s most dangerous attack causes him to swell to an enormous size and roll, trying to crush the player. He can’t turn sharply, so use it against him: roll sideways at the last second or try running around him when he starts his attack animation. You’ll probably have to dodge him at least twice, because he rolls around for a while.
  • Most of the Godskin Noble’s more normal looking attacks have some kind of surprise follow-up. If you rush in with your rapier, you’ll likely land a secondary hit or backstab without warning.
  • In general, you want to try and stay behind the Noble when possible. Most of his attacks are frontal, and he can use a belly punch that comes out of nowhere and stuns players.
  • The Nobleman’s lack of maneuverability means you can use pillars well against him; ranged players should find him much more maneuverable, as he is primarily a melee fighter who struggles to fill the path if the player is determined to keep moving away from him.

How to beat the god skin of the apostle

Elden Ring Godskin, the boss of the duo, fight against the noble apostle, how to beat

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Lanky and elastic, the Godskin Apostle is a different beast, capable of traversing the battlefield and fighting more at mid-range than his friend. However, he is a bit less robust as an enemy and can’t throw you as much as the Noble.

  • The Apostle can quickly stretch out and use quick strikes with his twin swords. He must consider it in “melee range” even well beyond standard limits.
  • It’s a bit more viable to use a shield against the Godskin Apostle, whose quick attacks won’t stun you like the Noble. Catch the first of his combos on your shield, then use the brief space before the next hit to roll.
  • If the Apostle starts to spin his weapon, back off! These spin attacks can devastate health if the player gets caught in them.
  • The Apostle can be removed from your animation more easily than the Noble. Feel free to play more aggressively if you think you can mix in the necessary evasion.

Godskin Duo Boss Battle Rewards

Elden Ring Godskin, the boss of the duo, fight against the noble apostle, how to beat

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Once you kill the Godskin Duo, you will be rewarded with 170,000 runes (less than the Fire Giant, which is a shame), but more interestingly, you will get Black Flame Tornado Ash of War and the excellent Smithing – Stone. miner hood holder [4], the best bell bearing available for standard smithing stones! Even if it wasn’t a mandatory boss fight, you’d still want to kill these guys just for this reward.

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