How To Block Someone On WhatsApp

The contact will not be able to send the user text messages (including media files such as photos or videos) or add the user to voice or video calls. Also, the blocked contact will not see the user’s profile picture, last seen, status updates, or any other profile changes. However, users should also keep in mind that once they block a WhatsApp contact, they will also not be able to send text messages to the contact. It is important to mention that every time a user receives a message from an unknown number on WhatsApp, the application shows two options in the chat: “block” and “add”.

Blocking a contact is an easy way to get rid of unnecessary or spam messages on WhatsApp. If users feel they have found a spam account with malicious intent, they can report the contact to WhatsApp. In this case, WhatsApp receives the last five messages sent by the reported account to investigate the problem. Users can block the account while reporting it to stop receiving messages in the future. If at any time users want to unblock the contact, they can locate the contact in the “Blocked” section in “Settings” and tap “Unblock”.

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