How to Change Your PayPal Password

Or learn how to reset a forgotten password

What you need to know:

  • Anger Settings > Security > Clue to change the password for the PayPal Security section.
  • If you forget your password, click Having trouble logging in? > enter email > Following > confirm your identity > create a new password.
  • You cannot change your password from the mobile app.

This article explains how to change your PayPal password, including how to reset your password when you forget it using the PayPal site.

How to change your PayPal password

Do you have an insecure PayPal password? Do you use the same password on other sites? If the answer is yes, please go to the PayPal site in your browser and follow the steps below to change your PayPal password.


When creating a strong password, it must be at least eight characters long with a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols.

Sign in to PayPal and go to your Summary page.

Select the Settings gear icon in the upper right (next to disconnect option) to view the PayPal account and settings pages.

Select the Security Options tab at the top.

The Security tab of a PayPal account.

Choose Clue from the list of security options on the screen (or select To update).

The password option on a PayPal account.

the change your password the dialog box appears. He enters his current password in the first field of the form, then types his new password in the other two password fields. When you’re done, select Change the password.

Change your password fields in PayPal

Reset your PayPal password when you forgot it

You can easily forget your password if you don’t use a password manager to store your login information. When this happens, use PayPal’s feature to help you reset your password. Remember that you cannot recover your old password with this feature, just change your password to a new one.

Open the PayPal login page.

Do not enter your username and password. Select the Having trouble logging in? Link.

Connection problem with PayPal link

PayPal displays a Do you need help with your password? page. Enter the email address you use for PayPal and click Following.

I need help with the Your password field in PayPal

PayPal uses four options to confirm your identity: receive a text message, receive an email, answer security questions, or confirm your credit card number.

If you choose to receive an SMS or receive an email, PayPal sends a six-digit code. Enter it in the confirmation field that appears. To select Continue.

Use the form provided to create a new password, then confirm it again. When you’re done, click Save. Then consider keeping the password in a safe place so you don’t lose it again, or use a password manager that can track the password and keep it safe.

Create a new password in PayPal

When you have multiple email accounts, please choose the correct one to get the verification code. If you forget your PayPal email, use the Forgot your email? link from the login screen. PayPal allows you to enter up to three email addresses that you may have used with the account when signing up. To select Following to receive a reset email with full instructions to get back into your account.

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