How To Change Your Profile Picture On Discord

On Discord for desktop, click on the Gear icon at the bottom left corner of the home screen and select ‘User Profile’ from the options that appear on the left. It should be the second option after ‘My Account.’ In the User Profile menu, click on ‘Change Avatar.’ Discord will provide two options: ‘ Upload Image’ or ‘Try animated avatar.’ Those who already have a profile picture to select should click on the first option, and those who want to try something new may click on the second option.

While uploading an image, users will be asked to select an image from their desktop storage. Once they upload the picture, they’ll get an option to resize it and set it as their Discord profile picture. On the other hand, if users tap on ‘Try animated avatar,’ they will be asked to choose from a range of GIFs. To do this on a smartphone, open the Discord app, open the Channels menu, and tap on the avatar at the bottom left corner. In the menu, tap on ‘User Profile’ and then tap on the current avatar to select ‘Change Avatar.’ After this, users have to choose a nice image on their mobile to set as their profile picture on Discord.

Source: Discord

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