How to Connect a Galaxy Watch to an iPhone

What works and what doesn’t work when using a Samsung watch with an iPhone

what you need to know

  • Download the Samsung Galaxy Watch (Gear S) app from the App Store.
  • Turn on the watch and open the Galaxy Watch app: touch OKAY > THE JOURNEY BEGINS > galaxy watchand wait for it to pair.
  • If the watch doesn’t connect, make sure it’s compatible with the iPhone. Some Samsung watches, like the Galaxy Watch 4, don’t work with iPhone.

This article explains how to connect a Galaxy Watch to an iPhone.

Can I pair a Samsung watch with an iPhone?

You can pair most Samsung watches with an iPhone by downloading the Samsung Galaxy Watch (Gear S) app from the iOS app store.

Some Samsung watches, like the Galaxy Watch 4, only work with Android phones, and some features are only available if you use an Android phone. Samsung watches work best with Samsung Galaxy phones, but basic functionality is available with iPhones.

Here’s how to pair a Samsung watch with an iPhone:

Search for “Samsung Galaxy Watch (Gear S)” in the App Store, then touch HAVE.

Open the Samsung Galaxy Watch (Team S) app on your iPhone.

Faucet OKAY when prompted to allow Bluetooth use.


Tap on the Galaxy Watch that matches yours, that is galaxy 3 clock.

Wait for the watch to pair.

If your Galaxy Watch has LTE service, follow the onscreen instructions to set it up now.

START THE JOURNEY highlighted in the iPhone Galaxy Watch app, Galaxy Watch 3 highlighted in the watch selection, and a Galaxy Watch synced with iPhone.

Your Samsung watch is now ready to use with your iPhone.

Why is my Galaxy Watch not connecting to my iPhone?

The Galaxy Wearables iOS app is not compatible with the Galaxy Watch 4, so you cannot connect a Galaxy Watch 4 to your iPhone. The app will recognize your watch and try to connect, but it will fail and you will see an error message.

If you’re having trouble connecting another Galaxy Watch to your iPhone, make sure you’ve enabled Bluetooth on the iPhone. If so, try restarting the phone and your watch. If you have many other Bluetooth devices nearby, try turning them off or moving them away to reduce the risk of connectivity issues.

The Galaxy Watch 4 can be paired with an iPhone, but is not compatible with the Galaxy Wearable app.

What can you do with a Galaxy Watch on an iPhone?

Although you can use your Samsung Watch with an iPhone, some features are not available. If your watch has a built-in camera, you won’t be able to enjoy it through iPhone. You also can’t send text messages through your iPhone using a Samsung watch, although you can receive text message notifications on the watch. Email notifications are also available, but you can’t send new emails or reply to emails through the watch.

Samsung Bixby Assistant works when your watch is connected to an iPhone, but you can’t use Siri through the watch. If you try, you will get a prompt to continue the action on your iPhone.

Some of the Samsung Watch features that work as expected when used with an iPhone include:

  • Phone calls: You can receive and make calls using the watch.
  • realize: You will receive alerts from iPhone apps and third-party apps.
  • monitor heartbeatNote: If your watch has a heart rate monitor, it will work with your iPhone just like it works with Samsung and other Android phones. The effort calculator, based on the heart rate monitor, also works.
  • Fitness and sleep tracking– With the Samsung Health app on your iPhone, you can track fitness and sleep data from your watch. You can also track workouts using multiple presets.
  • Music and media playback: Your watch’s music manager allows you to control the playback of music and other media on your iPhone.

frequent questions

  • How to connect a Samsung Galaxy Watch to a new phone?

    To connect a Samsung Galaxy Watch to a new phone, swipe up on the watch home screen and touch Settings > General > Connect to a new phone > backup data (optional) > Continueand the clock will restart. Launch the Galaxy Wearable (Android) or Galaxy Watch (iOS) app, touch Begin (either start the journey on iOS), tap Pairand follow the prompts.

  • How to reset a Galaxy watch?

    To reset a Samsung Galaxy Watch, press the button Can/Home Y Behind keys until you see Restart on the clock screen. press the Home to open the reboot mode menu and select Recovery. Hold down the button Can/Home key to start the recovery process. (If you have a Galaxy Watch 4, you will also need to select Delete data/return to factory settings.)

  • How to turn on a Samsung Galaxy Watch?

    To turn on a Samsung Galaxy Watch, press and hold the Can/Home wrench. If the device does not turn on, please check the charging dock, try charging the device, or contact Samsung support center.

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