How to Defeat The Caustic Grebuloff in Final Fantasy XIV

Caustic Grebuloff’s next ability is Cough Up, during which three sets of puddle AoEs fall from above. Before Cough Up concludes, the Boss will inflict the party with Craven Companionship, which players can dispel by stacking close together. This mechanic is followed by Wave of Nausea, a simple donut AoE covering the entire room except for the Boss’s location. Next, Caustic Grebuloff will cast Miasmata again and include a follow-up Wave of Nausea. After a few moments, the Boss will then execute Pox Flail, a tank-busting ability that will require the Healer to time their Spells effectively for sufficient HP regen on the Dungeon party’s tank in FFXIV.

The next attack is Blighted Water, a stack marker requiring players to assemble and brace for incoming damage. Caustic Grebuloff’s final ability is Befoulment, which functions oppositely to Blighted Water, forcing players to disperse and evenly spread out individual damage taken. After Befoulment, Grebuloff will repeat all the same abilities, casting them in a similar order. Once players have defeated this Boss, they will be rewarded with a random Earring or Necklace from “The Last” gearsets.

Final Fantasy XIV is available on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC via Steam or Square Enix’s official website.

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