How To Delete a Page in Google Docs

Easily remove unwanted pages

what you need to know

  • Place the cursor at the end of the sentence that precedes the page. Highlight the page, then press Erase either Return.
  • Click once before the page break and press the key Erase wrench. Or go right after the page break and press Return.
  • Adjust the space between lines by going to Format > line spacing > custom spacing. Down it Later number of space between paragraphs or set it to 0.

There are several reasons why there are extra pages or blank spaces in your Google Doc. This article explains how to remove them, including blank pages, page breaks, and original formatting.

Use the delete key

This method is simple and works best for most situations. Whether the extra page is there because of unnecessary white space or content you no longer want, deleting it involves selecting the unwanted area.

Place the cursor at the end of the sentence that precedes the blank or unwanted page. For example, to delete page 2 in a 3-page document, start at the bottom of page 1 or the top of page 2.

Click and drag down, a bit slow to avoid going too far, and stop near the next sentence you see (if it’s a blank page) or just before the next sentence you want to keep. In our example, we would stop at the end of page 2 or the beginning of page 3. The idea here is to select the entire page 2 since we want to delete it.

There should now be a long highlight mark on the page. Hurry Erase either Return on the keyboard to instantly delete it.

You may be done now, but be aware of where your cursor is. If it is between two sentences, press Get in if necessary so that a new paragraph is created where the previous page was.

You don’t need to delete a page if you just want to avoid printing it. When are you going to Case > Printchange the pages possibility of Habit and choose the pages to print. This is how it works in Chrome; it is similar in other browsers.

Undo a page break

Creating a page break can create blank pages. You can remove a page break the same way you would remove an extra page, but you don’t have to worry about highlighting anything.

Locate the page break. Since it is white space that you want to remove, look for a large white space in the document. One way to verify that it is a page break and not just empty paragraphs is to press the down arrow. If it breaks beyond a single line, you have a page break there.

Screenshot of the start of a page break in Google Docs

Click once before the page break and press the key Erase wrench. Or go right after the page break and press Return. You may need to repeat this one or more times if there are extra spaces.

The pages are now consolidated and the page break removed.

Screenshot of a Google Doc

Adjust line spacing

Google Docs can add extra space after paragraphs. This is a document-wide setting that no rollback can fix. Here’s what to do if you have extra pages or blank space that you can’t remove normally:

Select just before the first word of the document.

Anger Format > line spacing > custom spacing.

Use custom line spacing in the Format menu under Line Spacing in Google Docs.

Down it Later number of space between paragraphs or just set it to 0.

Custom Google Docs line and paragraph spacing settings.

To select Apply to save and exit setup.

If that doesn’t work, repeat these steps but select the first sentence later empty the space and change the Before value in step 3.

change margins

Although less common, margins that are too large can lead to extra pages. Reducing the margins gives you more space to write on each page, avoiding unnecessary white space.

Anger Case > Provision.

Adjust the values ​​in the Margin column. If the bottom margin, for example, is set to too large a number, then Docs forces too much text to carry over to the next page. Reducing the number fixes this.

Google Docs page configuration settings.

To select OKAY to save and exit setup.

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