How to delete your Venmo account

Then you have tried Venmo and it is not for you. And you don’t want to just leave your Venmo account inactive, not when it’s linked to your bank account. You want to delete your Venmo account.

It’s easy to delete your Venmo account, but you just can’t do it on a mobile device — you’ll need a desktop. And to delete your Venmo account, you need to make sure there are no incomplete transactions and no money in your Venmo account.

After you successfully delete your Venmo account, all of your transaction history will be deleted, along with all of your personal and banking details. You will receive a final email showing your complete Venmo transaction history. So if you want to keep track of your Venmo transaction history, make sure to back it up.

If you wish to close your Venmo account for any reason, please follow the steps below.

How to delete your Venmo account

How to delete your venmo account

How to delete your venmo account

How to delete your venmo account

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4. Open settings and click “Close my Venmo account” at the bottom of the Settings page.

5. Check your email to confirm. Once your account is closed, you will receive an email with your final transaction history.

If you have any other questions, be sure to check out our FAQs. What is Venmo? as well as our guide on how to use Venmo and how to add money to Venmo. If you paid someone by mistake, you’ll want to know how to reverse a Venmo payment to the wrong user and how to reverse a Venmo payment.

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