How to find and complete The Great-Jar’s challenge in Elden Ring

Image: from Software/Bandai Namco via Polygon

In elden ringdangerous and poisonous – the region called celio – you will come across a giant jar standing guard outside a castle. This character does not have such a subtle name. the big jarand you’ll probably first see them from a cliff overlooking where it stands, just off the Erdtree miner to the west.

This boat takes a while to reach and presents a tough challenge for you once you get there. But his reward, the mighty Great Arsenal Jar Talismanit’s more than worth it.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get to The Great-Jar and why you should accept its challenge.

How to get to La Grande Jarre

The Elden Ring fortress that The Great-Jar protects in northern Caelid

Image: from Software/Bandai Namco via Polygon

The Great Jar is in northern cold, resting in front of the castle in a semicircle at the top of the region map. If you try to jump at them from Minor Erdtree or anywhere else, you will die instantly. If you want to get to La Grande-Jarre, you have to follow a very specific path.

go down to the Siofra river well (which can be entered through an elevator next to the Erdtree miner in Mistwood) and travel north as far as you can on the lower level. Eventually, you will come across an elevator, which will take you to the abyss of the Great Jar. ride it

Once back in Caelid, follow the path forward, killing the giants with bows by the way. When you get to The Great-Jar, talk to them.

Big Jar Challenge and Reward

After talking to the Grand-Jar (he will only respond with “…”), turn around and look behind you. You will see three summoning signals on the floor. Each of them will summon an NPC with the title “Knight of the Great Jar,” and each will use a random loadout from a random player.

You must defeat these three AI players one by one. You will not be able to leave or refill your jars on a graceful site between them. If you die, you will have to cross the abyss again.

Because this battle is so random, you won’t be able to prepare much. But that also means you should eventually have enemies with weak charges to yours. Keep going and you will eventually take out all three. you can fight easier when logging outas it will not pull more optimized versions of the actual player.

When you are done with the battle, talk to The Great-Jar who will give you the Great-Jar Armory Talisman. This talisman increases the maximum equip loadout by 19%, making it great for mid-weight players who want to use more defensive armor pieces.

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