How to find your Samsung phone

‘How can I find my Samsung phone?’ is a question most Samsung owners ask themselves several times a week, or a day if they’re as distracted as I am. Whether it’s slipped off the back of the couch, left in a restaurant, or even pulled out of your bag or pocket, knowing how to find your Samsung phone can give you instant relief from that sinking feeling you get when your device is okay. -Amado is nowhere. to be seen.

Whether you’re using one of Samsung’s best phones or even a tablet like the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, the company’s latest and greatest, finding your Samsung device is a breeze after a quick and easy setup process.

Google has its own built-in Find My Device service in Android, which we cover in our separate guide on how to find your lost Android phone with Google. But Samsung also has its own version called Find My Mobile, exclusively for Galaxy phones or tablets.

While the two services can be run side by side on your Samsung device if you like, we’ll cover Samsung’s Find My Mobile in this guide, which has a few things that Google’s solution doesn’t.

There are several ways to find your Samsung phone or tablet with Find My Mobile, including using a web browser or even the nifty Samsung Galaxy SmartTag. Do you want to know how to find your Samsung phone? Read on for details.

Note: This guide is based on One UI 4.0 on Android 12, so your menu entries may look slightly different if you’re using an older version of One UI.

How to set up Find My Mobile

If you haven’t already done so when setting up your phone or tablet, you’ll need to activate Find My Mobile before you can find your Samsung device. It only takes a few minutes, as explained in the guide below.

1. Open the Settings menu, scroll down and then touch Biometrics and security. If you are using an older version of One UI, this may appear as Lock screen and security or alone Security.

A UI 4.0 settings menu with biometrics and security highlighted

(Image credit: Samsung)

two. scroll to Find my mobile, then press the fall on For this to activate the service. If you don’t already have a Samsung account set up on your phone or tablet, touch add account to create or add one.

One UI 4.0 Find My Mobile Menu

(Image credit: Samsung)

3. You should now see the Find My Mobile settings menu, which allows you to choose from three options: remote unlock, Send last location, Y offline search — These options may vary depending on your device or region. Although it is not necessary to activate these additional options, they will make it easier for you to find your phone.

One UI 4.0 Find My Mobile Main Menu

(Image credit: Samsung)

How to find your Samsung phone using a browser

Now that you’ve set up Find My Mobile, you can easily find your lost Samsung phone or tablet simply by using a web browser, on a desktop or mobile device.

one. In any browser, go to the Find My Mobile home page and sign in with your Samsung account credentials.

Samsung Find My Mobile Home Page

(Image credit: Samsung)

two. If you’re in a desktop browser, you’ll see your Samsung device (or devices) on the left. If you are using a mobile browser, faucet the three rows stacked in it in the top left-hand corner corner to see your devices. Once your device has been selected, its location should appear on a map, provided it is connected to the Internet or has been in close contact with another Galaxy device that has been. You’ll also see a list of options appear, including those for call your phone or even to erase all data on it remotely.

Samsung Find My Mobile page with device highlighted

(Image credit: Samsung)

Find your Samsung phone using a Galaxy SmartTag

If you have a Galaxy SmartTag or SmartTag plus, you can use it to easily find your Samsung phone or tablet if it’s within range of your tag; very useful if you know it’s nearby but don’t want to trash the house looking for it. Here’s how to set it up.

one. Assuming your SmartTag has already been configured, open the smart stuff app Y faucet the label want to use to find your Samsung device.

Samsung SmartThings app home page

(Image credit: Samsung)

2. Press the fall on for “Let the beacon find your device” to activate the function. By default, it will be set to find the device you are currently using, though you can change the target device to playing Let the beacon find your device” after activating the lever.

Samsung SmartThings app on the SmartTag menu page

(Image credit: Samsung)

3. To find your Samsung phone or tablet using your Galaxy SmartTag, hurry the tag button twice back to back. Your phone or tablet will be ringing at full volume for a minute, hopefully giving you time to retrieve it under the car seat or wherever you’re done.

Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag Review

(Image credit: Samsung)

Now that you know how to find your Samsung phone, check out this Samsung camera trick that could change the way you take selfies forever. You can also check out other Android guides, including how to check Android battery status and how to use Google Pay.

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