How to Fix It When Apple TV+ Is Not Working on Roku

Apple TV+ streaming troubleshooting

This article explains how to troubleshoot Apple TV+ service issues on Roku.

When you have problems with services on Roku, there are usually no app-specific problems that have unique solutions. Generally speaking, what you can do to get Apple TV+ working on Roku is what you can do to fix issues with other services on Roku not working either.

Why is Apple TV+ not working on my Roku?

There are many explanations for why you might experience issues with certain services, like Apple TV+, on Roku devices. Problems can be caused by your internet connection, Roku software, your remote, and many other things. As a result, there is no good rule of thumb to quickly determine what is causing a problem on your Roku.

The best way to identify the causes of problems with services on Roku is to troubleshoot the problem yourself. As you try solutions, you will inevitably learn more about the problem because some solutions work, don’t work, or change something.

How to fix Apple TV+ issues on Roku

There are a ton of reasons why Apple TV+ might not work on Roku, from issues with your internet to your remote to your Roku itself. However, there are more than a few quick things you can try with your Roku to get Apple TV+ working again.

Restart your Roku. Like many electronic devices, turning your device off and back on can fix a number of strange temporary issues you may encounter.

Depending on your Roku, restarting it may involve turning it off and back on in the traditional way, or it may involve unplugging it from power and then plugging it back in. Either method works.

Reboot your modem and router. If you are having internet connection issues, the Apple TV+ service will not be available. Most of the time, resetting your router and modem will fix this problem.

Reset your remote. If you are using the Roku app as a remote, make sure the app is having no problem connecting to your Roku. Sometimes the issues can be with your input device and not with Apple TV+ or the Roku itself.

If the batteries in your Roku remote haven’t been replaced for a long time, it’s possible that the remote is running low and is starting to work erratically, not controlling apps properly and making it seem like they’re having a problem. Something wrong.

Uninstall and reinstall the channel. If your issue is specific to Apple TV+ and you’re not having issues elsewhere, with your internet connection, etc., removing Apple TV+ and redownloading it can sometimes resolve issues with a single app.

Reset Roku to factory settings. As a last resort, if nothing else resolves your Apple TV+ issues on Roku, resetting the entire device to factory settings is your best option to fix any kind of software issues your Roku may have. .

Contact Roku Support. If all else fails and you don’t know what else to try, contact Roku support, explain your problem, and then let the representative know what you tried to fix.

It’s the best way to determine if there’s an issue with your personal Roku that’s preventing it from working properly, or if there’s a setup, glitch, or some other type of problem that you can really fix yourself.

frequent questions

  • Why isn’t my Apple TV working?

    Your device may need a reset; to visit Settings > AppleTV > System > to restart. Another useful troubleshooting method for Apple TV is to check for a software update. To visit Settings > System > Software updates > Update the software. You can also select auto updateso you won’t have to check manually.

  • How to cancel Apple TV on Roku?

    To cancel an Apple TV+ subscription that you’ve activated from Roku, highlight the Apple TV app > select the icon Star button on your Roku remote > Manage subscription > drop out. You can also manage your subscription from > Settings > subscriptions > drop out.

  • Why is Netflix not working on my Roku TV?

    To fix Netflix issues on Roku, make sure you have the latest version of the Netflix app; hurry Star > Search for updates. You can also check/reset the network connection from Settings > Net and check for a system update Settings > System > Upgrade system. You can also find a solution by restarting your Roku TV from Settings > System > Can > system reboot.

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