How to Fix It When Roku Closed Captioning Won’t Turn Off

Find out why your Roku TV keeps turning on closed captions

If closed captions on a Roku appear unexpectedly, or appear even though you think you’ve turned the feature off, we’ll walk you through how to make sure your Roku display has closed captions.

Why can’t I turn off subtitles on my Roku device?

There are several reasons why your Roku may display subtitles when you don’t expect them. The most obvious is that the system captions were intentionally turned on by someone other than you. It could be another user of your Roku, but it can also happen during a channel or system update.

Additionally, each channel on your Roku device may also have its own closed caption settings that override system-level settings. So set subtitles disabled at the system level, but on at the channel level, it would also explain its unexpected deployment. Someone may have even inadvertently enabled them for your current content by using the playback controls.

How to disable subtitles on Roku

You can permanently disable subtitles on your Roku device in a few simple steps. Start by checking the system-wide settings or, alternatively, the channel settings. Finally, if these appear to be set correctly, you can always reset your device.

Check the system configuration. From the Roku home screen, navigate to Settings > Accessibility > Subtitles mode and make sure it is set to disabled. You can also access this setting * button on your remote to access the Choice or press the Voice button (the one with a microphone) on your remote and use a voice command like “Subtitles off.”

Check the channel settings. From the channel home screen, see if it has its own settings screen. For example, the following screenshot from HBO Max Subtitle tab, available from your profile. The options for subtitles are often found in the Accessibility, Audio, or Subtitles settings.

The exact location of the closed caption settings and the combination of steps to get to them will differ from channel to channel. However, the general concept of where to find them and how to use them is similar.

Check your current content settings. When viewing the channel’s playback controls, look for a button with a DC abbreviation, or something related to audio or subtitles. An example of this is shown in the following screenshot from the Amazon Prime channel, where the subtitles option only sets the subtitles to the same language as your main audio.

Reboot or reset your device. If all of the above steps fail to fix your subtitle issues, you may want to consider more extensive steps like restarting the device or even a full factory reset.

frequent questions

  • How do I fix subtitles on my Roku?

    Anger Settings > Accessibility > subtitle mode to enable subtitles on a Roku. If you still don’t see subtitles, check the settings for the specific app you’re trying to view.

  • How to use subtitles on Hulu?

    To enable Hulu closed captioning in a browser or mobile app, select the Team Settings > Subtitle and choose the language you want. On other devices, swipe down or press Up on your remote and select Settings > legends either Subtitle.

  • How to enable subtitles for Amazon Prime Video?

    To enable closed captioning in the Prime Video app, press the options button on your remote, then select Subtitle > disabled and choose a language. You can create subtitle presets with different colors, sizes, and text effects by going to

  • How to disable subtitles on Netflix?

    How you turn off subtitles on Netflix depends on your device. In a web browser, select the speech bubble icon and select disabled under the Subtitle section. On a mobile device, tap the screen and select Audio and subtitles > disabled > Apply.

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