How to Fix It When Your Google Pixel Has a Broken Power Button

Other ways to turn on your Pixel smartphone

This article will guide you through a series of proven solutions to fix your smartphone power button and how to turn your Android device on and off when the button is not working.

Why is my Google Pixel power button broken?

The physical power button on Google Pixels can break when the mobile device is dropped or bumped against a hard surface. The power button can also stop working properly at the software level due to software bugs or conflicts caused by outdated applications or operating systems.

Malware and viruses can also cause the Google Pixel power buttons to stop responding or work as they should.

Can a broken power button be fixed?

There are many ways to fix a broken power button on a Google Pixel smartphone. The best solutions are listed below, from the easiest and fastest to the most complex and time-consuming.

Try pressing the power button harder. The power button on a Google Pixel may require more pressing than the power button on your old smartphone.

Use a toothpick or a pin. If the physical button has fallen off or is cracked, try using a toothpick to simulate pressing the power button.

Plug your Google Pixel into a power source. Your smartphone’s power button may be working properly and the battery may be dead or damaged.

Check the location of the power button on your Google Pixel. You may be pressing the wrong button.

Clean your Google Pixel. A little dirt can prevent the power button from working properly.

Check for an Android update. If your Pixel power button issue is caused by a software bug, you might be looking for a system update to fix it.

Uninstall recently installed apps. If the Google Pixel power button stopped working after installing a new app, delete the app, restart your smartphone and see if that fixes the problem.

Check with your mobile operator. Support staff can fix your Google Pixel power button issue in the store or possibly give you a new phone.

Factory reset your Google Pixel. If none of the above solutions worked, it’s worth trying a factory reset.

Request official online support for your Google Pixel phone. If your warranty is still valid, you can request a replacement of your broken smartphone from Google or your carrier.

Upgrade to a newer Google Pixel model. If you’ve had your current phone for a while, you may be able to upgrade to a newer model for free. Your cell service provider should be able to tell you what your options are.

How to turn on Google Pixels with a broken power button?

The easiest way to turn a Google Pixel on and off when the power button is broken is to install an app that adds a power button icon to the smartphone screen.

Always On Top Power Button is a free Android app that can add an on-screen power button (although there are plenty of others, like the Back Anywhere button, that can be customized to add additional power button controls).

Download power button always visible

Download back button anywhere

A software power button has one major limitation: you can only use it to turn the phone screen on and off or reboot the system. You won’t be able to use these apps to turn on your Pixel if it’s turned off.

How to force Google Pixels to turn on?

If your Google Pixel smartphone seems completely dead and you can’t turn it on using its power button, you can force it to turn on by connecting it to your computer or laptop via a USB cable.

While you’re at it, make sure your computer is on and give your Google Pixel plenty of time to charge if the battery runs out.

You can also force your Google Pixel to turn on at a certain time each day. To do this, select Settings > Advanced > Scheduled power on/off and choose your preferred time.

frequent questions

  • How to restart a Google Pixel without the power button?

    To restart a Google Pixel device without the power button, one option is to use the boot menu, also known as recovery mode. For many models, you can access the recovery mode screen by long pressing Home + Volume Up + Volume Down. When you get to the recovery screen, use the volume buttons to navigate and select reboot system now.

  • How do I remove the Google button from the home screen of a Pixel?

    To remove the Google Assistant home button, open Settingsanger Additional parametersand select Button shortcuts and gestures. To select Start Google Assistant and press Not a thing to remove it from the home screen. You can also assign Assistant to another button or gesture.

  • How to answer a call on a Pixel with a button?

    While you can’t answer a call on a Pixel with a button, you can silence an incoming call on a Google Pixel with the Volume button. When you receive an incoming call, press the top or bottom of the volume button. The call will be disconnected and you can continue with voicemail.

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