How to Get a Free Yandex.Mail Account

An alternative to Gmail and Outlook

what you need to know

  • Go to and select Create an accountthen fill out the registration form to open a Yandex.Mail account.
  • You can access your Yandex.Mail account from any web browser or through other email clients via IMAP or POP.

This article explains how to register for Yandex.Mail. Creating a Yandex.Mail account with a new email address and plenty of online storage space is easy and free. These instructions are for desktop users using any desktop browser.

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How to create a Yandex.Mail account

To set up a new Yandex.Mail account and a new email address:

Go to Yandex.Mail and select Create an account. The registration page opens.

In it First name text box, enter your name.

In it Surname text box, enter your last name.

In it Enter a username text box, enter the username you want to use. This is the first part of the email address, followed by

Yandex offers you various connections. Choose one of the suggestions or try your own to see if it’s available.

Yandex Mail registration page with username options highlighted

In it Enter the password text box, type the password that you want to use for your Yandex.Mail account. In it confirm password text box, re-enter the password.

A strong email password is long, easy to remember, and hard for others to guess.

In it phone number text box, enter a phone number where you can receive SMS text messages.

Entering your mobile phone number is optional. If you don’t want to enter your number, select I don’t have a cell phone number. Next, select a question and enter the answer to the security question. You will use this question and answer to regain access to your account if you forget your password.

To select confirm number.

Confirm the number on the Yandex Mail registration screen

Enter the code you receive by SMS and select Registry.

Yandex registration screen with the Register button highlighted

Review the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service and select To accept.

Also within this box is a checkbox that allows you to opt out of receiving advertisements and other offers from their services.

Wait for Yandex to log in to your new email account.

How to access Yandex.Mail

With Yandex.Mail, you get a new email address, plenty of storage space, a rich web interface, and IMAP and POP access. To access your Yandex.Mail account:

  • Use a web browser.
  • Configure Yandex.Mail in iOS Mail.
  • Use Yandex.Mail POP3 settings to access your account in mail clients such as Outlook.
  • Use IMAP to access Yandex in an email client.

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