How to Hide Replies on Twitter

Remove unwanted tweets from your news feed

what you need to know

  • Find the reply to your tweet that you want to hide. Touch or click the menu icon. To select hide answer. Choose hide answer again.
  • To view hidden responses, select the hidden answer icon in the bottom right corner of the original tweet.
  • To view an answer, select the menu next to the answer and select show answer.

This article explains how to hide replies to your tweets on the website and the Twitter apps for Android and iOS devices. The feature is not available on Tweetdeck. The article also explains how to unhide and unhide the answers you have hidden.

How to hide replies on Twitter

Twitter can be chaotic, with a mix of original tweets, threads, retweets, likes, and replies. Hiding replies on Twitter is one way to reduce noise.

If you see a reply to your tweet that you don’t like for some reason, you can hide it in just a few clicks.

Find the answer on your Twitter account.

Click or tap the menu icon.

click or tap hide answer.

Twitter hides the reply option.

You will get a confirmation popup. click or tap hide answer. The reply will no longer appear on your timeline.

Twitter hides the reply confirmation window.

How to see hidden answers and show them

You can see which replies you’ve hidden and which others have hidden by going to the original tweet.

Click or tap the hidden reply icon at the bottom right of the original tweet.

Show hidden reply button on Twitter.

You will see a list of hidden answers.

Twitter reply menu icon.

To view a tweet, click or tap the menu icon next to the reply. Then click or tap view response.

Post the response on Twitter.

Deactivate, terminate and block accounts

There are different ways to handle harassment or general annoyance on Twitter, aside from reporting another user to the company. If hiding replies isn’t enough, you can remove Twitter followers in three ways: mute, unfollow, and block.

Disabling a Twitter account allows you to remove another user’s tweets from your timeline without following or blocking them. This user can still send you direct messages, but you will not receive notifications from their account. They also won’t know you’ve silenced them.

The cancellation is explicit. When you unfollow someone on Twitter, you no longer see their tweets on your timeline, but you will see replies to your tweets from people you follow, as well as retweets. The user will not receive a notification that you have unfollowed them, but they can find out through detective work or with the help of a third-party tool.

Twitter menu.

Blocking a user is the most aggressive option. You won’t see their tweets on your timeline. And if someone you follow replies or retweets, you’ll see a “this tweet is unavailable” message below their reply. Also, accounts you’ve blocked can’t follow you on Twitter (you can’t follow them either).

A blocked user will not receive a notification, but if they visit your profile, they will see that you have blocked them. However, if your tweets are public, they will be able to see them as long as they are logged out of your account.

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