How to Install Windows 11

The benefits of a clean installation of the operating system

what you need to know

  • Go to Windows 11 download page > download Setup Wizard > run the executable file > Install the operating system.
  • Download page > download ISO file > browse ISO file > right click > click Increase > go to the virtual drive > run the setup file.
  • Download the media creation tool > Run the exe file > Click flash player > Click Following > Click To end > Run the setup file.

This article will show you several ways to cleanly download and install Windows 11 Home from the tools provided by Microsoft on its website.

Can I download Windows 11 for free?

Yes something like that. You can download the Windows 11 Home version for free from the Microsoft Windows 11 download page; However, Windows 11 has strict basic system requirements that your computer must meet.

If you have a Windows 10 computer, you can upgrade to Windows 11 for free by going to the Windows Update tab in the settings menu.

How to install Windows 11 through the setup wizard

Installing through the Windows 11 setup wizard is by far the easiest and easiest way to download the new operating system on your computer.

Go to the Windows 11 download page and click on the download now under the Windows 11 setup wizard.

Run the Windows 11 Setup Assistant executable that you just downloaded.

The installation wizard executable file highlighted in Windows Explorer.

Click on Accept and install in the terms of agreement window.

Accept and install Windows 11

Windows 11 will automatically start the download. Give the installation time to complete.

Download the installation wizard

Your PC will restart 30 minutes after the download is complete to install Windows 11 or you can select Restart now to start right away.

PC needs to restart

Windows 11 will install and configure automatically.

How to download Windows 11 ISO file

An ISO file is a bootable copy of Windows 11 that can be saved to a USB drive. Once downloaded, you can extract or mount the Windows 11 ISO on a computer or virtual machine. Make sure you have a USB stick with at least 5.2 GB of space.

Go to the Windows 11 download page.

Click on Select Download in Windows 11 Disk Image (ISO).

Download Windows 11 ISO

To select Windows 11 (multi-edition ISO), then click Download.

Windows 11 multi edition

It will then ask you to select a language. Choose your preferred language and click Confirm.

ISO Choose language

You will receive a 64 bit download Link. Click the button to download the ISO file.

64 bit download

After downloading, find the ISO file in your computer’s file explorer.

Right click on the ISO file and select Increase.

Mount the ISO to start the installation of Windows 11.

A new virtual DVD drive will appear in the file manager.

The DVD drive (drive F) in Windows Explorer.

Open it and double-click the installer file to start the installation.

Install Windows 11

Rather, you can transfer the virtual drive to your physical USB drive and install Windows 11 using the Media Creation Tool.

How to install an ISO file with the Windows Media Creation Tool

Microsoft’s Media Creation Tool is the app you’ll see to extract the Windows 11 ISO file from the USB drive and install it on another computer or virtual machine.

Go back to the official download page, click the download now in Create Windows 11 installation media.

installation media

double click MediaCreationToolW11.exe in File Explorer and start the tool.

The media creation application in Windows Explorer.

Click on To accept on the license terms page.

license terms

If you want to change the language of Windows 11, check the box next to Use the recommended options for this PC.

Select language and edition

Otherwise, click Following.

Click on USB key then select Next.

Choose which media

Select the USB drive to use. If you don’t see it, click Update the list of units.

Select a USB key

Click on Following.

Give your computer time to finish downloading and creating the Windows 11 media.

Download Windows 11

Click on To end.

USB key ready

And as before, double click on the setup file to start the installation.

The installation file to complete the installation of Windows 11.

In the Install Windows 11 window, click Following.

Install Windows 11

Click on To accept in the license terms window.

Applicable Notices and License Terms

The installation wizard will search for available updates.

Windows 11 receives updates

The installer will tell you that it will install Windows 11 Home and transfer all your personal files and apps.

Click on Install.

ready to install

Windows 11 will install with your files and apps from the previous operating system.

Installing Windows 11

Are there other ways to install Windows 11?

The other way to install Windows 11 is to burn the ISO file to a USB flash drive through the Rufus app, which is similar to Media Creation Tool but is a portable program. Rufus is not installed on your computer, but works from the USB drive.

It is also possible to start an operation from your USB device. It requires you to change the boot order in the BIOS menu and set the sequence.

frequent questions

  • How long does it take to install Windows 11?

    The download and installation time for Windows 11 depends on your hardware. With a fast internet connection and a good hard drive, this shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes. If you have any problems with the installation, there are a few solutions you can try.

  • How to install Android apps on Windows 11?

    Windows 11 includes support for some Android apps that were previously only available on phones. To download them, search the Microsoft Store as you would any other Windows app.

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