How to Make a PDF File

Create PDF files on Windows or Mac for secure document sharing

what you need to know

  • In Microsoft Word, navigate to Case > Save as > PDF. EITHER Case > Print > save as pdf either Microsoft Print to PDF > Print either Save.
  • In Google Docs, go to Case > Download > PDF documents (.pdf). EITHER Case > Print > save as pdf > Save > Save.
  • On the Mac pages, go to Case > Print > save as pdf.

This article explains how to create a PDF using Microsoft Word, the print feature in Windows, Google Docs, and Mac Pages. You can also use a free PDF creator; there are many available for download or online.

How to create a PDF with Microsoft Word

If you have a version of Microsoft Word from 2007 or later, the easiest way to create a PDF is to use the built-in software features. With just a few clicks, you can convert any Word document to a PDF file.

Open the Word document you want to convert to PDF, then select Case.

In it Case menu select Save as.

The Save As option in Microsoft Word.

In it Save as dialog, select the Type of file dropdown menu, then choose PDF.

The PDF option in the Save as file type drop-down menu in Word.

Change the title of the document or change the location where you want to save the file, then click Save and your PDF file will be saved to the specified location.

The Save option in Microsoft Word.

How to create a PDF file on Windows

If you’re using Windows, you have the option to create a PDF file using your computer’s print function and it works in any program you use that has printing capabilities. This is Microsoft Print to PDF.

The options you see will depend on the program you are printing from, but should generally follow this structure:

To use Microsoft Print to PDF, on the document, image, or other file you want to use as the basis for a PDF, select Print.

In it Print dialog box, change the printer (may be called Destination either destination printer Or simply Printer) for save as pdf either Microsoft Print to PDF.

The Save as PDF option in Google Chrome on Microsoft Windows.

The Google Chrome browser also has a similar PDF conversion feature that works for any web file on any device using the Chrome browser. You just have to access the Print option and choose Print to PDF.

The preview will adjust to show you what the PDF will look like. If you are satisfied, select Print either Save.

How to create a PDF file in Google Docs

When you create documents, spreadsheets, or presentations with Google Drive, you also have the option to convert these documents to PDF format. You can use the print menu as above, but from a Windows or Mac computer you can also choose Case > Download > PDF documents (.pdf). The PDF file will be placed on your downloads case.

The PDF option in the Download menu of Google Docs.

How to create a PDF on Mac in Pages

If you’re using a Mac computer, you have almost as many options for creating PDF files as Windows. In addition to the methods mentioned above, you can also create a PDF file from the Pages app, just like you would from Word on Windows.

If the Mac app you’re using allows printing, there’s almost a 100% chance that the same steps below will also create a PDF in that app.

Open the document you want to use to create a PDF in Pages.

Select the Case menu at the top of the page, then select Print.

The Print menu in Pages on Mac.

In the menu that appears, use the dropdown menu in the lower left corner to choose Save as pdf.

The Save As PDF option in Pages on Mac.

the Save as the dialog opens. Give your document a name, choose a save location, and add additional details, then click Save.

The Save to Pages option on Mac.

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