How To Rotate PDF

Redirect individual pages to entire files

what you need to know

  • Open the file using an online service: we recommend Adobe, Smallpdf, or Rotatepdf.
  • adobe: click Select File > find > Open > log in > hover over the page > use the arrows to turn left or right > Save > Download pdf.
  • The methods below will not work on read-only PDF or password-protected PDF.

This article teaches you how to rotate pages in PDF. It includes instructions on how to rotate individual PDF pages, a range of pages, and how to rotate entire PDF files.

How to rotate individual PDF pages

If you’re learning how to rotate pages in PDF documents, the number of different methods can seem overwhelming. We’ve focused on the easiest options with free tools so you can get it done with minimal hassle no matter what device you’re using. This is what you need to do if you want to edit a single PDF document.

All of these methods involve the use of free web services. Therefore, you will need an active internet connection to perform the steps. Alternatively, there are many free PDF editors available, or Mac users can use the Preview app to rotate individual pages.

Go to the Adobe rotation PDF page.

Click on Select a file.

Find the file on your PC or Mac and click Open.

Open file dialog in web browser

Wait for the file to download.

Sign in with an Adobe or Google account.

Adobe site with login boxes highlighted

If this is your first time using Adobe’s site or services, you will need to register. Free accounts usually only allow you to rotate a single PDF document.

Hover over the page you want to rotate.

Click on the arrows to turn left or right.

Adobe site for rotating PDF documents with directional arrows highlighted

Click on Save.

Adobe rotates PDF site with save dialog highlighted after manipulating PDF

Click on Download pdf to download the file.

Rotating Adobe PDF site with the File Upload dialog box highlighted

How to rotate a range of pages in a PDF

If you need to rotate a range of pages in a PDF or rotate multiple PDF documents, there are other free solutions. That is how.

Go to the Smallpdf rotation page.

You can only use the site for free with two documents per day.

Click on Select files.

Smallpdf site with Choose Files highlighted

Find the file you need on your PC or Mac and click Open.

Web browser open file dialog

Hover over each page you want to rotate and click the directional arrows to rotate them.

Smallpdf website with directional arrows to rotate highlighted PDF pages

You can also rotate all by clicking the left or right arrow next to Rotate All.

Click on Apply the changes once you’re done.

Smallpdf site with Apply Changes highlighted after manipulating the PDF document

Click on Download.

Smallpdf site with edited PDF document and highlighted download button

How to rotate an entire PDF document

If you prefer to bulk rotate PDF files without any limitation, there are other options. That is how.

Go to the Rotate PDF page.

The site is completely free and does not limit how often you can use it per day. However, this only works with full rotated documents.

Click on Select the PDF document.

Select the highlighted PDF document on the RotatePDF site

Find the file on your PC or Mac and click Open.

RotatePDF website with Open File dialog displayed

Scroll down and choose the desired rotation angle for the document.

Choosing rotation angles on the RotatePDF site

Click on Rotate PDF.

RotatePDF website with the Rotate PDF button highlighted

Click on Download the rotated PDF.

RotatePDF website with the Rotated PDF Download button highlighted

The file is now saved to your PC or Mac and fully rotated to the desired angle.

Limitations on the rotation of PDF documents

There are some limitations to rotate PDF files. This is what you need to know.

  • These methods will not work on a read-only PDF. If a PDF file is read-only, you cannot edit it in any way. This means that you cannot rotate the document in any way. You’ll need to change the read-only properties first in order to do this.
  • Rotating a PDF does not bypass password protection. If a PDF is password protected, you will still need to know the password to edit the file and rotate it.

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