How to Set up FaceTime on an iPod Touch

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iPod touch has many of the same features and functions as iPhone, except iPod touch can’t connect to a cellular network and make phone calls. However, when connected to Wi-Fi, iPod touch users can have FaceTime video or audio conversations with other FaceTime users. Here’s how to set up your iPod touch and make and receive FaceTime video and audio calls over Wi-Fi.

To use FaceTime on an iPod touch, you’ll need a fourth-generation or newer iPod touch, an Apple ID, and a Wi-Fi connection.

Set up FaceTime on your iPod Touch

Unlike the iPhone, the iPod touch does not have a phone number assigned to it. Instead, your Apple ID email address serves as your phone number. If someone FaceTimes you, they’ll use your Apple ID email address.

To get started, make sure FaceTime is enabled on your iPod touch, then register your Apple ID.

Open Settings on your iPod touch.

Scroll down and select face time.

Turn on FaceTime to turn on FaceTime on your iPod touch.

To select Use your Apple ID for FaceTime and sign in with your Apple ID.

FaceTime is ready to use on your iPod touch.

Make a FaceTime call with your iPod Touch

To make a FaceTime call, you’ll need the Apple ID phone number or email address of the person you want to call.

Open the FaceTime app on your iPod touch.

Tap the plus (+) button and enter the person’s name. phone number either Email address.

(You can also select a contact from the list.)

If you’ve saved the person’s phone number or email address in your contacts, start typing their name, and then touch the name when it appears. then press Audio either Video.

press the phone number either Email address again, then press Audio (only for an audio call) or Video.

Start a new FaceTime call

Your FaceTime call has been placed.

To see more during a FaceTime video call, rotate iPod touch to use landscape orientation.

If no one answers your call, touch Leave a message to leave a message, touch Cancel to cancel the call, or press Memory to try to remember.

FaceTime not working on your iPod touch? We have tips to fix this problem when FaceTime is not working.

Start a FaceTime call from a message conversation

You can easily switch from a text chat to a FaceTime call.

Open a conversation in Messages.

press the profile picture either Name at the top of the conversation.

Faucet face time.

Start a FaceTime call from Messages

Receive a FaceTime call

When a FaceTime call comes in, tap To accept take the call, To reject reject the call, Call me to set a reminder to call the person back, or Message to send a text message to the caller.

If you’re on another call when a FaceTime call comes in, tap finish and accept to end the current call and accept the new call, or hold and accept to put the current call on hold while you answer the new call.

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