How To Turn Off Highlights On Kindle For A Better Reading Experience

To get started, you must first open a book on your Kindle. With your book open, tap the top of the screen near the Kindle’s frame to bring up the book’s settings page. Tap the “Aa” button in the top right corner, tap “More,” swipe up on the menu to scroll down, then tap the switch next to “Popular Picks.” You can still create your own highlights in the book, but you will no longer see other users’ highlights.

The best part? You only have to disable Popular Highlights once. While it may seem like you’re only disabling popular picks for the specific book you have open, disabling it for one book disables it for all books in your book. Turn on. If you ever want to re-enable Popular Highlights, open any book and follow the same steps above. You’re free to turn Popular Highlights on and off as much as you like, so play around with both options and see which one you prefer.

Source: Amazon

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