How to Turn Off Low Data Mode on Your iPhone

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what you need to know

  • You can turn off low data mode on iPhone for Wi-Fi, mobile data, or both.
  • Wi-Fi data: Settings > Wireless> touch information next to the connected network. Disable toggle for low data mode.
  • Mobile data: Settings > Mobile either Mobile data. Choose the type of data Mobile either Portable > choose data mode > low data mode.

This article explains how to turn off low data mode on iPhone for Wi-Fi and mobile data. It allows you to resume updates and sync, improve streaming quality, automatic downloads, and more.

What happens when I disable low data mode?

Disabling low data mode re-enables features that low data mode disables.

  • The background app refresh setting (if you had enabled it) resumes.
  • Automatic settings for downloads and backups will be reset (if enabled).
  • Streaming quality will no longer drop for content like music or video.

Application Specific Changes

Some iOS apps and services will go back to normal when you turn off low data mode.

  • App Store: Automatic updates, downloads, and video autoplay will resume.
  • FaceTime: Rate will no longer be set for low bandwidth.
  • iCloud: Updates will restart, and iCloud Photos backups and automatic updates will also resume.
  • Music: Automatic downloads and high-quality streaming will resume.
  • News: Advanced item recovery will be restarted.
  • Podcasts: Episodes will download as usual, not just over Wi-Fi, and feed updates will no longer be limited.

Please note that if you have not enabled any of the above features or services when you enabled Low Data Mode, they will not be affected. For example, if you turned off background app refresh before, the setting won’t turn on automatically when you turn off low data mode.

How to disable low data mode on iPhone?

Low Data Mode feature is available for Wi-Fi and mobile data. You’ll need to turn it off separately for each, just like when you turned it on.

Disable low data mode for Wi-Fi

Open the Settings the app and select Wireless.

press the information icon to the right of the connected network.

Disable toggle for low data mode.

Turn off low data mode for mobile data

Open the Settings the app and select Mobile either Mobile data depending on your plan.

Faucet mobile data options either mobile data options. If you have dual SIM, select a number instead.

For 5G data, select data mode and turn off low data mode. You can choose Standard either Allow more 5G data according to your preference.

For 4G, LTE or dual SIM, just disable low data mode.

Steps to disable low data mode for mobile data on iPhone.

frequent questions

  • How to check data usage on an iPhone?

    For more help with managing your mobile data, you can check your iPhone’s data usage. Anger Settings > Mobile and scroll to Cellular data. In this section, you can see a breakdown by app of what’s using the data, as well as a monthly total.

  • What is data roaming on iPhone?

    Data roaming occurs when your iPhone connects to towers that don’t belong to your carrier. Your carrier shouldn’t charge you more for data roaming, but you can turn it off if you want. Anger Settings > Mobile > mobile data options and touch the switch next to data roaming disabled.

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