How to Unlock The Paper Press in V Rising

Without Scrolls, Vampires of V Rising are not able to research the Paper Press using their Study. Therefore, they will need to venture out into the open world in search of this resource. Scrolls can be found in multiple locations throughout Dunley Farmlands, the region north of Farbane Woods. Any landmark on the map with “Militia” in its name will likely have “Scroll” listed as Important Loot. These include Militia Camps and Militia Encampments. Notable landmarks such as Dawnbreak Village, Mosswick Village, and Dunley Monastery are also excellent sources of Scrolls in V Rising.

After farming hundreds of Scrolls from mobs and lootable containers in V Rising, Vampires should eventually unlock the Paper Press at their Study. Below are the Recipes for the three items that can be produced at this workstation:

  • Paper: Plant Fiber ×4 and Sawdust ×12
  • Scroll: Gem Dust ×12 and Paper ×4
  • Schematic: Silver Ore ×24, Spectral Dust ×4, and Scroll ×8

The Scroll Recipe is acquired from Frostmaw the Mountain Terror of the Hallowed Mountains, and the Schematic Recipe is unlocked by defeating Matka the Curse Weaver in V Rising‘s Cursed Forest.

V Rising is available on PC.

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