How to Update Zoom on Your Desktop (Windows or Mac)

Keep Zoom up to date with the latest fixes and features

what you need to know

  • Open the Zoom app on your desktop computer and sign in as needed.
  • Select your user icon in the upper right corner, then select Search for updates.
  • Next, set up an automatic update schedule.

This guide will walk you through the steps to update Zoom on your desktop, whether you’re using a Mac, Windows PC, or Linux system.

How to update Zoom?

There are two ways to update Zoom: manually and automatically. We cover both options in the steps below.

How do I update Zoom manually?

Zoom should have an automatic update schedule setting, but if it doesn’t, you can update Zoom manually by following these steps.

The screenshots below are from a Windows 10 PC, but the Zoom update process is the same on macOS and Linux as well.

Open the Zoom desktop client and sign in if necessary.

On the Zoom desktop app home screen, select your username icon in the upper right corner, then select Search for updates in the dropdown menu.

Check for updates in the Zoom user menu

If an update is available, it should download automatically. When prompted, confirm that you want to install it.

Zoom update download.

Once the update is complete, you will have the option to select a frequency for automatic updates or disable them completely. If you don’t want to perform a manual update again, consider setting it to keep itself up to date without intervention.

Can the zoom be updated automatically?

Zoom can be updated without any further intervention on your part. Just run a manual update this time, then when you get a chance tell Zoom to update automatically in the future.

How do I know if I have the latest version of Zoom?

The quickest way to check if you have the latest Zoom update is to check for an update. If there is one to download, you don’t have the latest version. If there isn’t, then you have the latest version.

frequent questions

  • How do I update the Zoom mobile app?

    Update Android apps from the Google Play Store. Update iPhone apps from the App Store.

  • How do I update Zoom on my Chromebook?

    Install Zoom on your Chromebook from the Chrome Web Store to get the latest version. Automatically update Zoom on Chromebook by rebooting your device.

  • Why doesn’t Zoom work after an update?

    You may need to repair your camera or microphone in Zoom after an update. Check if the zoom is down to see if you need to troubleshoot further.

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