How to Use Group Tabs in Chrome

Organize all your Chrome tabs

what you need to know

  • Right click on a tab and select Add a tab to the new group to create groups. Drag the tabs in or out as desired.
  • Click on a group’s title tab to expand/collapse it.
  • Right-click a group’s title tab to display a context menu to add tabs to the group, move it, rename it, change its color, or close it.

Using the power of Chrome’s tab groups allows you to keep many tabs open without wasting time trying to find a particular tab. Here’s how to use Chrome’s Tab Groups feature to help you organize them.

How to group tabs in Chrome?

Assuming you already have multiple tabs open (and if not, are you using the web?), follow the steps below.

Right click on one of the browser tabs.

Select Add Tab to New Group Item from the context menu.

Enter a name for the group in the text box provided.

Enter a title for a new group of Chrome tabs

You can also choose a color for the group by clicking on one of the dots.

You can repeat this to create groups for different logical divisions of your tabs, like News, Work, Media, etc.

How to add tabs to a group in Chrome?

Once you’ve created one or more groups, you can start adding existing tabs to them.

Make sure you have created at least one group.

You can also right-click on the desired tab and select the add to group and select your target group.

Add a tab to an existing tab group in Chrome

You can also add new tabs to a group by right-clicking the group’s title tab and selecting the icon Group new tab context menu option.

What can I do with tab groups?

The most useful way to use tab groups is to clear the browser window. Specifically, by clicking on the tab title, you can expand and collapse all the tabs in the group, hiding them.

Although the tabs are hidden when minimized, they are still technically active and therefore use system resources such as RAM.

There are a variety of other useful actions you can perform using tab groups, as follows:

  • You can use tab groups to easily move multiple tabs between existing windows by dragging the group’s title tab from one to another.
  • Right click on the group title tab and select the Move group to new window will create a completely new window with the group and its tabs. Dragging the group’s title tab out of its current window and dropping it will do the same thing.
  • You can easily close all the tabs in a group by right-clicking the group’s title tab and selecting the icon. close group option.
  • If you close a group of tabs and want to retrieve it, you can retrieve the entire group (including its title and color) with the global key Ctrl+Shift+t key combination is also available in groups to reroll from the History list in the main menu.

frequent questions

  • How to restore tabs in Chrome?

    If you accidentally closed a Chrome tab, you can restore it using two methods. Right-click anywhere in the tabs section of the screen, then select Reopen closed tab. Otherwise, press CONTROL + Change + j on your keyboard. On a Mac, press Organized + Change + j.

  • How to save tabs in Chrome?

    To save all currently open tabs in Chrome, open the Markers menu and select Mark all tabs. The keyboard shortcut is CONTROL/Organized + Change + D. In the window that opens, you can put all the tabs in a folder to find them more easily later.

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