How to use Venmo: How to send and receive money

The answer to the question “Are you taking Venmo?” it’s increasingly a resounding yes, as the number of people using the app has grown by millions in the last year alone. Venmo is also powering shopping payments, so it’s no longer just friends reimbursing each other for dinner or concert tickets — you can now use Venmo to pay for all kinds of goods and services.

Venmo is an easy-to-use app that links to your bank account and allows you to pay and receive money. Once set up, sending money with Venmo is as easy as entering the name of the friend or business you’re paying for, tapping Pay or Request, entering an amount, a note about what it’s for, and tapping Pay. Requesting money on Venmo works the same way: enter the name, tap Pay or Request, enter the amount and what it’s for, then tap Request.

So, you have a Venmo account, your friend has a Venmo account, and one of you owes the other money. Let’s get ready for Venmooooooooooooo! Here’s a step-by-step guide to sending and receiving money on this popular person-to-person mobile payment service.

1. Start the app

Launch the Venmo app on your mobile device. (You cannot send and receive money through the website.)

2. Tap “Pay or Request”

Look for the Pay or Request button on the home screen. It will say “Pay or order” or it will look like a pencil and a square.

How to send money with Venmo

3. Enter a name

Enter the username, phone number, or email address of the people you want to pay or bill. Make sure you have it all figured out, because you don’t want to pay Joe_Smith_4 when your friend is actually Joe_Smith_5.

4. Enter the amount

If you want to send $50 to your friend, enter “50” in the dollar sign field to the right of the person’s name.

5. Leave a note

In the “What’s it for?” field below the person’s name, type whatever you want. As you type, suggested emoticons appear. Choose to include them if you wish.

How to send money with Venmo

6. Change privacy settings (optional)

At the bottom right of the screen are the privacy settings, which you can tap to change. “Public” indicates that anyone can view this transaction; “Friends” indicates that the transaction is only visible to the sender, recipient, and their Venmo friends; and “Private” indicates that it is only visible to the sender and recipient.

7. Choose your action

Tap “Request” or “Pay” on the blue bar, depending on the action you want to take.

How to send money with Venmo

8. Confirm

Tap the green confirmation bar that will appear at the bottom of the screen.

9. Check your email

You will receive an email confirming the transaction.

And that’s it! If you have any other questions, be sure to check out our FAQs. What is Venmo? If you paid someone by mistake, you’ll want to know how to cancel a Venmo payment and how to cancel a Venmo payment to the wrong user. And if you’re completely done with the service, here’s how to delete your Venmo account.

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