How V Rising’s Map Is Different From Valheim’s

The map of V Rising is in a fictional medieval European setting consisting of 5 regions. The player will always start at the bottom of the map and slowly work upwards as they progress in the game. Regions and camps are fixed, meaning that the player will encounter the same enemies in the same locations which continually respawn. This plays well with the structured questlines of V Rising, which require players to progress linearly as they build up a castle and unlock new technologies and spells. The unchanging map also means players can plan out castles more freely, such as around V Rising’s best base locations. This type of map affords a greater consistency than what would be available in a procedurally generated map.

Valheim, on the other hand, procedurally generates maps from short “seeds,” or code that causes a specific generation of a massive map. This type of map is completely randomized with each run. While similar regions are placed together, the specific layout will be different each time. This randomness forces the player to explore the map each time to find an optimal place for their base, in addition to finding specific resources and dungeons. However, it can also lead to some funny accidents, like a swamp dungeon spawning in Valheim’s plains. Fortunately though, this lends well to the themes of exploration Valheim capitalizes on, much more so than V Rising.

Ultimately it is up to individual players to decide what is best for them. While V Rising’s set map may be predictable, it is consistent and allows players to plan multiple playthroughs and castles with a little surprise. Conversely, other players may enjoy the thrill of exploring a new map every time in Valheim. Both V Rising and Valheim are solid entries into the survival crafting genre, and it is exciting to see such variety in what is available for different players to enjoy.

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