Hulk’s Most Powerful Punch Destroyed The Marvel Universe

Hulk’s punch defeated Onslaught but would lead to the events of heroes reborn. Instead of dying in the ensuing explosion, Franklin Richards would take the heroes involved in the final fight against Onslaught and place them in a pocket dimension called Counter-Earth. It was a way for Marvel Comics to take its most iconic heroes in new directions under the eyes of Rob Liefeld and Jim Lee. Unfortunately, despite resetting the status quo for many Marvel Comics characters, the event was not well received and was subsequently reset.

Rugg’s art and condensed story make Onslaught’s defeat of the Hulk more epic than ever. The comic reminds readers that the Hulk (with the help of Franklin Richards) changed the Marvel Universe in almost unimaginable ways with a single blow. It is an important moment for the hero that has been somewhat forgotten over time. The new story tells the fight from an accessible, Hulk-centric perspective that does the character’s punch justice. Pontoon: Grand Design – Madness #1 from Marvel Comics is now available at comic book stores and online retailers.

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