iOS 16 Might Finally Give The iPhone An Always-On Display

Gurman’s report gives more credibility to similar claims from other leakers, and as the iPhone 14’s release date gets closer, these reports are more likely to be true. However, the new feature might not be available on all iPhones, even if it is introduced on the software level in iOS 16. “I’m told to expect always-on display mode as an exclusive to the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max models if the feature ever makes the cut,” Gurman added. Unfortunately, this means that the standard iPhone 13 models will not receive the new feature, nor will existing models from the last few years. Although this is disappointing, since the always-on display would require a low-temperature polycrystalline oxide (LTPO) screen and controller, it would make sense that these hardware changes would only be fit for premium models.

It’s not certain that the feature will make its way to the premium iPhones set to debut this fall, but it will be a must-have feature if an always-on display is added. The always-on display found on the Apple Watch is abundantly helpful because it gives a ton of information at just a glance. In the settings menu, users can set the Apple Watch screen to show nearly 10 widgets with information, such as weather and fitness tracking. An always-on display on the iPhone could feature a static time and date section paired with a notification indicator, making checking these details a breeze when placed on a surface. For this reason, the always-on display would be one of the iPhone 14 Pro’s best features and would tighten the gap between iPhone and Android flagships.

Source: Bloomberg

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