IT: The 1990 Miniseries Ending Is Actually Better Than The Movies

Though he hasn’t always been a favorite of book critics, Stephen King is one of the best-selling authors of all time, has millions of devoted fans, and it’s safe to say he’s considered by most to be a master of horror. Unfortunately, as mentioned above, that mastery doesn’t always extend to knowing how to best summarize his stories. EAST is no exception, as the end of the book is overly long, overworked, and takes what had been a simple battle between good and evil and turns it into one involving a giant cosmic turtle.

This does not mean EASTThe ending of ruins the book in every way, because it’s not necessarily horrible in a vacuum; it simply suffers in comparison to the incredible story King has told in the previous pages. By the way King wrote EAST end is, both the 1990 EAST miniseries and movie 2019 IT Chapter 2 try to retain some parts while discarding others. Some aspects of both filmed endings are good and some are bad, but neither is as good as EASTthe story deserves. For whatever reason, it seems that the writers, be it King or various screenwriters, aren’t quite sure how to craft a worthy conclusion to what has been a story so chilling that it could chill the blood of the reader/viewer. . None EAST the endings were bad enough to do EAST they’re not worth watching or reading, but they can dampen the excitement a bit.

All problems with IT chapter two ending

In many ways, the EAST the movies are better than the 1990 miniseries adaptation. The larger budget allows for more intricate and outlandish scare sets, lots of special effects used to create Pennywise’s various transformations, and overall better actors playing the Losers’ Club as adults . The ending, however, is arguably where IT Chapter 2 almost completely collapsed. After a movie full of jarring tonal shifts, the ending is too full of sarcastic one-liners, IT’s final form is a bit laughable, and worst of all, the losers basically beat him by insulting the creature to death.

While the power of belief has always been a big part of King’s EAST story, especially since children are the monster’s usual targets, the final fight between the Losers and Pennywise being reduced to a barrage of insults is an odd choice. In this regard, one wonders if this IT could be defeated by an angry comments section on the Internet. Then, to top it off, IT Chapter 2Stan’s ending sees fit to include Stan’s notoriously problematic suicide note, which attempts to turn Stan’s suicide into a heroic and necessary act. In a world where many mentally ill people are on the brink every day, portraying suicide as a good thing is simply irresponsible, but even that completely changes Stan’s character arc. The fact that his friends smile while reading it is doubly disturbing.

Why the miniseries ending is more satisfying, despite its own flaws

When we discuss anything about the 1990s EAST At the end of the miniseries, it’s almost necessary to address the elephant in the room: the absolutely terrifying-looking giant spider that HE ends up transforming into. The creature is both a puppet and a stop-motion animation, and while it has a bit of Ray Harryhausen charm, it’s hard not to laugh. However, aside from this admittedly quite significant flaw, the 1990 version EAST the ending is more satisfying than the 2019 iteration. Sure, it has a much smaller budget to work with, but it’s also much more to the point, less convoluted and inconsistent in tone, and makes no attempt to transform Stan’s suicide into a happy ending.

Beverly Marsh using her slingshot to wound him before the Losers chase him down and rip out his organs is also more satisfying and cathartic than Pennywise cowering after being called out. There is much less left for 1990 EAST end, of course, and it’s a lot less flashy, but as the old saying goes, sometimes less is more. The 2019 IT Chapter 2 the ending may have a lot of sound and fury on screen, but that fury is mostly bluster at the end of the day. Some really cool moments like Richie saying goodbye to Eddie, a fight for dominance with weird references to the brilliant, and a stuck-on Ritual of Chud subplot that ends up meaning absolutely nothing to the story as a whole. When EAST is inevitably adapted again, it will be interesting to see if whoever writes the next version finally gets the ending perfectly right. Until then, there’s always the HBO Max prequel, welcome to the derby.

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