Jaws 4’s Genius Cancelled Plans

De Jarnatt’s point of view jaws 4 I would have followed Malibu.”surf punkfighting the shark and it would have ended with the main character’s girlfriend being swallowed whole and after the hero killed the megalodon, he would have cut her, still alive of course, out of his stomach. De Jarnatt’s take was more comedic than any previous entry, and in keeping with the sequel’s trend of making sharks bigger, he included an actual megalodon in the process. Would this shot have worked better than Jaws: Revenge is open to debate, but at least I would have recognized the ridiculousness of the concept.

De Jarnatt believes that the infamous fight that broke out between Sheinberg and Price during howard the duck the bombings are partly to blame for their jaws 4 the script is rejected. Sheinberg was also married to jaws actress Lorraine Gary, and De Jarnatt’s story had no role for her, while the refund he himself makes her the main character. The writer doesn’t seem disappointed that it didn’t happen, stating “To be honest, it wasn’t much of a shake.” That said, it’s an interesting alternate path the franchise could have taken.

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