Kenobi Insists Yoda Was Right About Leia In Empire Strikes Back

Disney has showcased Leia a lot more since their acquisition of Lucasfilm. The princess appeared in some episodes of Star Wars: Rebels, was confirmed to have powerful force abilities in The Last Jedi, and was given her own lightsaber and personal trainer in Luke, as seen in The Rise of Skywalker. Bail’s insistence on Leia’s importance then, alongside all of the extra Leia content in Disney Star Wars media, only proves that Yoda was correct all those years ago.

It makes sense that Yoda, of all beings, would hold Leia’s importance on the same level as Luke’s. Yoda’s species ages differently, meaning he is over 900 years old, having lived through the High Republic and served in the Clone Wars. Given this, Yoda has trained many generations of Jedi. The fact that Yoda knows Leia is on equal footing with Luke despite training thousands of young Jedi over the years solidifies her importance. Alongside Bail Organa’s pleas in Obi-Wan Kenobi, Leia’s vitality to the Star Wars universe only continues to grow with Disney’s expansion of the universe on Disney+.

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