Killing Eve author criticizes the TV show’s ending for “bowing to convention”

Warning: Spoilers ahead for Killing Eve season 4!

Don’t worry, the Killing Eve author didn’t like the series finale either.

Codename Villanelle author Luke Jennings wrote an op-ed for The Guardian about his thoughts on the series ending. The spy thriller was released in 2017 as a four-novel compilation series, with Killing Eve based on his work. The show was still scheduled to end after its fourth season, with each being directed by a different head writer. However, how the show ended is far from what Jennings had in mind.

“But the season four finale was a nod to convention,” Jennings writes. “A punishment from Villanelle and Eve for the bloody and erotic mayhem they caused.”

Jennings explains that the ending falls into the TV drama trope that sees same-sex lovers reunite shortly before one of them tragically dies, citing Lexa’s death on The CW series The 100 as an example.

“How much more darkly satisfying, and true to the original spirit of Killing Eve, for the pair to walk off into the sunset together?” Jennings writes, adding “that’s how I felt writing the books.”

Many fans of the show were upset, with some even comparing the ending to the ending of Game of Thrones. Fortunately, Jennings ends his op-ed by saying that Villanelle is still alive and “on page, if not screen, she’ll be back.”

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