Lightyear’s New Trailer Just Settled That Emperor Zurg Debate

However, it wouldn’t be the first time Zurg has been overlooked as Buzz’s father. In Buzz Lightyear from Star Command Season 1, Episode 41, “Invasion of Strangers”, Zurg told Buzz that he was his father, but did so to distract him with a punch and then laughed at him into believing him. Although the cartoon is not canon for the toy story franchise, it still goes to show that even early in the franchise, the idea of ​​Zurg being Buzz’s father wasn’t taken seriously.

Although Zurg being Buzz’s father is an integral part of the toy story franchise, in essence, the scene where this bloodline was established acts as little more than a parody of Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back. So with Light-year try to be something like a serious story, it makes sense that the toy story spin-offs wouldn’t go out of their way to keep the joke alive. While it’s still not impossible that Zurg could somehow be Buzz’s father, with the way the story is structured, it makes more sense that the characters aren’t connected in any way. apart from being enemies.

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