Little Witch in the Woods Beginner’s Guide (Tips, Tricks, & Strategies)

In Little Witch in the Woods, players should note there are two types of currency: Gold and Luna Coins. Goin coins can be earned by completing Aurea’s daily potion or candy delivery request. This feature is similar to villager requests in Animal Crossing. With their Gold coins, players can purchase inventory space as well as books and building materials. Luna Coins are only used by witches, and players will need them in order to purchase new potions and upgrades for their potion workshop. To earn these coins, players can complete Diane’s daily potion or candy delivery request. Of note, Diane does sell White Chalk for Luna Coins, but players do not need to buy this item as there is sufficient White Chalk hidden around the woods to unlock all the spell doors.

Players should also watch the clock as they play. Players will need to play during both day and night to find all of their potion ingredients, but if they are awake at midnight, they will immediately be transported to their bed and wake up late the next day with reduced stamina. Accordingly, players should try and use all their stamina before midnight and use the bed in their home to wake up fully refreshed at 8 AM the following day, similar to going to bed in Stardew Valley.

Little Witch in the Woods is available now on Steam in Early Access.

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