Loki Season 1 Was Originally The End For Marvel Show, Reveals Writer

It is understandable that Waldron did not originally think Loki would continue after season 1. The two MCU shows that preceded it, wanda vision Y Falcon and the winter soldierit did not receive a Season 2 renewal or any other live-action series from Marvel. And yes…? it’s the only other show to have it, but as an anime anthology series, it’s a bit different in nature. It is clear that both LokiThe multiverse storyline and Hiddleston’s status as a fan-favorite character contributed to Marvel’s decision to continue the series beyond season 1. Loki it also appears to be an integral part of the future of the MCU in general, it also makes sense that it would continue and possibly play a significant role as the next saga draws to a close.

Furthermore, Waldron not only returns to Loki to some extent but now he is the main architect of the marvel multiverse as the sole writer behind Doctor strange in the multiverse of madness. Many characters from Loki It’s been rumored that he’ll be crossing over with this movie (including the God of Mischief himself), which should help inform the events of Loki season 2. The second season is expected to start filming any day now and will likely hit Disney+ in 2023 sooner ant man 3.

Source: The Reading List

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