Love & Thunder Trailer May Reveal Thor & Jane’s Team-Up In Zeus’ Story

the Thor: love and thunder The trailer may have revealed the teaming up of Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) in the Zeus story. After months of waiting, Marvel Studios has finally released the first look at the upcoming MCU movie directed by Taika Waititi. Thor: love and thunderr’s trailer mainly focused on the thunder god’s journey of self-discovery after avengers endgamebut also gave the first live look at Jane Foster’s Mighty Thor.

Portman was part of the original Thor film by director Kenneth Branagh. He reprized her role once more in Thor: The Dark World but was conspicuously absent in Thor: Ragnarök. The actress returned to the MCU through a voice cameo in avengers endgamealthough the footage used is an additional clip from the film directed by Alan Taylor dark world. This came as a huge surprise to long-time fans of the universe, especially the Thor sub-franchise. But apparently, that was just the beginning of Jane’s resurgence in the MCU. Now she’s going back in Thor: love and thunder, and this time, he takes on his own superhero persona: Mighty Thor. Specific details on how Jane Foster becomes Mighty Thor are still scarce, but there is a lot of anticipation for her and the long-awaited Thor team.

Naturally, the Thor: love and thunder Trailer held back to reveal big surprises for the movie. He focused on establishing the whereabouts of Thor from the Infinity Saga and saved the reveal of Jane’s Mighty Thor for the sting at the end. The pair were not shown working together even though this will inevitably happen in the film. But a brief wide shot may have shown that they will form pairs as they travel to Olympus to search for Zeus (Russell Crowe). As Seen By Twitter User @_elgooch, Thor and Jane apparently walk together towards the huge golden statue of the god. On closer inspection, the pair appear to be joined by either Korg (Waititi) and Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson) or Lady Sif (Jamie Alexander), who, like Jane, is one of the Thor: love and thunder characters that make her come back after sitting down Thor: Ragnarök.

How does Zeus fit in? Thor: love and thunderThe story remains to be seen, but his involvement will likely be tied to the arrival of Gorr the Butcher God (Christian Bale). The main villain of the film, in the comics, Gorr has a vendetta against the gods after his family starves to death when Gorr’s pleas to the gods for him fall on deaf ears. Given how Zeus looks, it’s very likely that Marvel is planning to incorporate Gorr’s history from the comics into the upcoming movie, but certainly not as an exact adaptation. Either way, it looks like Thor and Jane are teaming up to deal with the threat. Though the short snippet doesn’t give much away, and MCU trailers tend to include fake footage in their marketing clips, if this scene does take place, it does hint that Mighty Thor will be set at the beginning of the movie. history. This will give Jane and Thor more time to team up, potentially with even more characters, in Thor: love and thunder.

I like it Thor: love and thunderWith the release date fast approaching, Marvel Studios is gradually ramping up its marketing efforts for the film. More information about the film will be released in the coming weeks, including what to expect from its story. Perhaps its second trailer will finally give audiences a good look at the team-up of Thor and Mighty Thor to further energize the project.

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