Luke Cage’s First Costume is Still His Best, & He’ll Never Pick It Again

And while Cage has maintained a great amount of that fearlessness, he’s also been tempered over the years as different experiences have tested him. He began to see himself as part of a larger tapestry, someone whose abilities could be used for the protection of others and not just personal gain. His marriage to Jessica Jones and the birth of their daughter moved family to the absolute apex of his priorities. When Iron Man threatened to break them apart at the onset of the Registration Act, that gave Luke the last push he needed to move from neutrality all the way to Cap’s side of the conflict. He did most of this and more in an assortment of tee shirts and jeans, almost as though he was constantly trying to figure out just how committed he was to the superhero lifestyle.

Now Luke is facing an altogether different challenge. As mayor of an increasingly bloodthirsty city, he will have to decide for himself how much of the old Luke he should maintain. While he’s already made moves to reconstruct the public’s faith in heroes, like rebranding the Thunderbolts under new leadership, he knows that not every problem can be solved from within a broken system. Luke may never pick up his first costume again, but that doesn’t mean Power Man is done for. Rest assured Luke Cage will continue to fervently defend his beliefs and the lives of the innocent no matter what he’s wearing.

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Devil’s Reign: Omega #1 is now available from Marvel Comics.

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