Marvel’s Darkhawk is Even Cooler Thanks To A Wolverine-Style Upgrade

One of the main weapons of the original Darkhawk costume worn by Christopher Powell was the Wolverine-style claws on his right hand. The main difference between Christopher’s claws and Connor’s is the composition of the weapons. The original Darkhawk had claws much more similar to Wolverine’s, as they were made of nearly indestructible metal. Connor’s Darkhawk claws are made of pure energy with no chance of being destroyed, so while fans have seen Darkhawk with claws, no one, including Darkhawk, has seen them like this.

While Darkhawk’s energy claws, reminiscent of Wolverine’s adamantium, are a great upgrade for the character, the claws aren’t the only upgrades in his arsenal. While the original Darkhawk had physical wings in his guise, Connor’s Darkhawk has energy wings that offer the same level of power as his enhanced claws. Wonderful black hawk just had a Glutton-Style update and fans have yet to see the last of these updates.

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