MCU: 10 Characters Who Should Be Introduced In Phase 5, According to Reddit

While this isn’t a single character, these two always come in a pair. Although Cloak & Dagger had their own self-titled show on Freeform, they have yet to appear in any projects produced by Marvel Studios. Skullspidey makes a point to mention “I don’t need them to be main characters but I do badly want Cloak & Dagger to exist in the universe.”


The two characters are directly tied to Spider-Man in their origins so it would be really fun to see more of Spidey’s supporting characters appear in the MCU. Even if New York is already swarming with a lot of heroes, more grounded street-level stories are always a ton of fun to see. It would be great to have Aubrey Joseph and Olivia Holt return to the roles too.


Gambit is easily one of the coolest mutants introduced in the comics. Despite his film being cancelled, Channing Tatum still remains a top choice for Gambit’s actor in the MCU. Reddit user Wrong_Guitar777 says “I want a legit Gambit from X-Men. Dude is pretty sick, not the Wolverine Origins version.”

While Taylor Kitsch gave a good performance in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, the film has overall been forgotten by many comic fans. Giving Gambit his proper comic look and having him debut in the MCU’s version of X-Men would make a lot of fans overjoyed.


Reddit user Flame_II07 states “I think it’s obvious that Galactus is gonna be the next big bad (after Kang)”. Following up the time-traveling villain with the god-like Galactus would be a fantastic way to raise the stakes. The only difficulty is translating Galactus into live-action.

Rather than portraying him as a giant dust cloud from 2007’s Rise of the Silver Surfer, he has to don his comic costume and should be an actual physical being. As massive of a villain he is, he should wait until after Secret Wars to make his big debut.

Silver Surfer

Silver Surfer remains one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel Universe. Not needing to breathe or eat, Silver Surfer is an unstoppable force as the herald of Galactus. The two characters go together hand-in-hand, with Silver Surfer’s origin tied to Galactus.

Reddit user Seasons_of_Brad argues that Keanu Reeves would the best pic for the character. Given he is a favorite of many Redditors to play the Silver Surfer in the MCU, it would be just perfect casting. From his stoic demeanor to chill attitude, there’s no better person than Keanu Reeves for the job.

Ghost Rider

While many things from the original Ghost Rider films have aged poorly, there is still a huge demand for Nicolas Cage to return to the role. With the Multiverse being a huge subject in this phase of the MCU, it’s not impossible for him to return, but many others also want a new take on the character.

The-GrinDilKin theorizes “With Blade coming and rumors about the Midnight Sons (finally a good Ghost Rider?) And the setup in WandaVision, I’m thinking it might be the Darkhold storyline”. Although the Darkhold has been destroyed as of Multiverse of Madness, there definitely seems to be plans for the Midnight Sons in the future. It’d be best for Ghost Rider to appear in his own story before assembling the whole team.


After Xandar and the Nova Corps were introduced in Guardians of the Galaxy, the planet was sadly wiped out by Thanos off-screen before the events of Infinity War. Although in the comics Richard Rider is not from Xandar but instead a human given powers by the last surviving Nova Corps member, it would be way more interesting to have Rider as the last survivor of Xandar in the MCU. Reddit user TRNRLogan mentions “Nova: Richard Rider with Sam’s dad as a side character for me. Set up the potential for Sam later” as his idea for the MCU version.

This would be a great way to setup the younger Nova, Sam Alexander, in the future of the MCU, as that character has ties with Miles Morales and Kamala Khan. In the comics, Alexander’s father also served in the Nova Corps, so it would be interesting to see him go through an arc that leads him there. With a Nova project already in development, it’s possible he may appear in Phase 4.


SteelSlayerMatt notes Spider-Gwen as his choice, saying “Spider-Gwen as played by Sabrina Carpenter as some rumors have suggested might be a possibility.” Though there haven’t been any actors’ names officially in line for the character, Sabrina Carpenter has been a popular choice among fans.

Given Sony’s control of the Spider-Man characters, it’s unclear whether this version of Gwen Stacy will appear in the MCU or Sony’s Spider-Man Universe. Regardless, it would be awesome to see her face off against her version of the Kingpin, who happens to be Matt Murdock.


After the exciting post-credits scene of Venom: Let There Be Carnage teased a potential face-off between Venom and Spider-Man, many fans were left incredibly disappointed after Eddie Brock was transported back to his own universe at the end of No Way Home. Reddit user [deleted] says “It seemed like the NWH post credits scene was setting up a possible way to give Peter the black suit and do Venom properly, so I’d want to see that happen.”

While there’s no sign of Eddie Brock in the MCU, a great way to use the symbiote would be for Mac Gargan as the host. The mid-credits scene of Homecoming set up Michael Mando’s Gargan as the next big bad but never did anything with it. As Gargan has also been Venom in the comics, it would be a cool way to spice Venom’s origin up in the MCU.


Kranors comments “I really want a Spidey-Deadpool movie/show/cartoon, anything with current actors. Hell I’ll take a what if series for just random Deadpool stories.” Ryan Reynolds himself has also expressed interest in a crossover between the two characters, via Time.

Deadpool will no doubt make his first appearance in the MCU soon. With how development is going, Deadpool 3 could theoretically be released as part of Phase 4 since filming is set to begin later this year, according to Kevin Feige via Collider. The character is one fans are dying to see appear and it will be just surreal seeing him interact with other MCU characters.

Miles Morales

With a decade of history in the comics, Miles Morales has many stories to pull from for the MCU. Reddit user Caciulacdlac makes note that “If they’ll make a Miles Morales movie, be sure that it will have the Spider-Man branding.” Given how important of a character he is and the belief that anyone can be Spider-Man, the title would have to be Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

While some feel it’s still too early to introduce the character, Peter still has a lot of growing to do, so his fourth film should focus only on him as he learns to be independent. Having Miles appear in Spider-Man 5 would be a good way to introduce him and have Peter mentor him.

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