MCU Phase 4 Makes Ms. Marvel’s Origin Change Even Worse

Now that Marvel Studios has teased a proper version of the Inhumans, the decision to change Ms. Marvel’s origin becomes a bit more baffling. Ms. Marvel could have been a seamless continuation of the Inhumans story of Phase 4. Anson Mount’s Black Bolt cameo alongside Doctor Strange 2‘s Illuminati would be able to act as a brief tease of who he is, what his powers are, and the Inhumans as a whole. This would then lead perfectly into Ms. Marvel showing Kamala Khan experience Terrigenesis. It would even make sense in that case for Iman Vellani’s young Inhuman to meet Anson Mount’s character, potentially even including a visit to Attilan and meeting other members of the Inhumans Royal Family.

Black Bolt’s appearance in Doctor Strange 2 further shows how odd it is that Marvel decided to change Kamala Khan’s origin in this manner. The full story as told in Ms. Marvel could reveal additional information and leave the door open for an Inhumans connection down the road, but that doesn’t appear to be the direction Kamala’s MCU story is heading. Kevin Feige has said the change was due to Ms. Marvel’s MCU future with Captain Marvel and to better fit the MCU, but Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness including Black Bolt shows that Ms. Marvel could have kept a more comic-accurate origin and power set for Kamala Khan.

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