MediEvil isn’t designed to be “an exact replica” of the PS1 cult-classic, and it’s all the better because of it

Twenty years ago, Sir Daniel Fortesque became an unlikely PlayStation icon. He was old, far from heroic, and quite dead. However, MediEvil has become a cult classic, and the fact that two decades after Sony brought that game back for a remake suggests that the company is in full swing and looking for new ways to celebrate its history.

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Digging up the bones of the original

This new version will have plenty of additions to make sure you can keep your bony head up. The original source code had bosses and states that never made it to the game, so it’s all in the new version.

In the game, we see that hard work pays off. Traveling through cemeteries filled with the undead, to the Hilltop mausoleum and beyond, these early stages of the game showcase what we loved about MediEvil 20 years ago. The action is fast and fluid, but “out of time”, although the 1:1 responsiveness on PS4 is a step up from the original game.

How has MediEvil changed for PS4?

Does the allure of MediEvil translate to high definition?

Between levels we discover the Hall of Heroes, a central room where you can explore the history of this world and Sir Dan’s place in it. Hint: it’s kind of funny. The story of Sir Daniel Fortesque is more a story of bravery than bravery. When Gallowmere was threatened with an invasion by the malevolent wizard Zarok, legend has it that Fortesque led the charge resisting the advance, but was actually killed by one of the first arrows fired, just before the actual fight began. A century later, Zarok has returned with an army of the undead to take revenge on the people of Gallowmere. By a stroke of luck, Zarok’s spell also resurrects Sir Daniel, giving him the opportunity to legitimately earn his place in the Hall of Heroes.

“The Hall of Heroes is probably my favorite place in the game,” says Nachbaur. “It’s something that alludes to a larger world that Dan lives in and that world is everywhere. It’s felt everywhere – it’s the way the characters are written, the personalities involved and there’s a lot of charm there.

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