Microsoft Teases Major Xbox Games Showcase for June

Developer Bethesda is also present

The big E3 gaming conference is canceled this year, but that doesn’t mean developers can’t use a similar deadline to announce new games.

Enter Microsoft and its Xbox platform. The company has just announced a major gaming showcase that will take place on June 12. The exhibit begins at 10:00 am PT and can be accessed through Xbox social media accounts such as TwitterTikTok, Twitch and Facebook.


This event is a partnership between Xbox Games Studios and proprietary developer Bethesda, famous for franchises like Autumn, the ancient scrolls, wolfensteinY Lost, Among many others. Microsoft bought the developer last year, so they are developing exclusively for PC and the Xbox platform.

Microsoft promises fans that the event will reveal tons of information “about the diverse lineup of games coming soon to the Xbox ecosystem.” While the two companies don’t know what we’ll actually see at the streaming event, there’s still some guesswork to be done.

Bethesda’s open world space RPG star field it was originally announced in 2018 and is expected to have a major trailer and possibly a release date. There’s also red Autumn, a vampire shooter revealed by Bethesda last year, which may also return with a trailer.

Microsoft is also likely to reveal upcoming Game Pass additions, and of course there will be plenty of surprise announcements.

As a reminder, June 12 falls on a Sunday, so you won’t even have to skip work to find out all the juicy details about upcoming Xbox Series X exclusives.

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