Midnight Ghost Hunt brings ghouls to the prop hunt with flavors of BioShock and Prey

I’ve reached the second stage of a game of Midnight Ghost Hunt and the disembodied skull of a tyrannosaurus rex is chasing me through an abandoned museum. As if that wasn’t scary enough, my skeletal stalker glows red like a ghost from the Elden Ring and is literally hot on my heels. My chances of survival seem slim, and I turn, dash down a dark hallway, and launch myself down a short flight of stairs. Seeking higher ground, I scale an imposing diplodocus display, make my way along its curving tail, and clamber onto its back. I barely get up when an ancient pot, possessed by the same host T-Rex-skull as before, hurtles through the air and cracks the side of my head. I’m down and the ghosts have won.

It’s only when the action in the game dies down that I realize I’m standing still in real life. I’m halfway to my living room and gripping my controller like a two-handed stress ball. I stood barefoot on a pile of my son’s Lego pieces and only now do I recognize the pain that shoots up my heel. Midnight Ghost Hunt is a frenetic and absorbing prop hunting trip that echoes everything from Dead By Daylight to Phasmophobia, Garry’s Mod, Spy Party, Prey, BioShock and hide and seek games for kids. And, having now entered the Steam Early Access initiative, it’s a journey I really think you should take.

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midnight ghost hunt

(Image credit: Coffee Stain Studios)

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midnight ghost hunt

(Image credit: Coffee Stain Studios)

I grew up idolizing Ghostbusters, so at first glance, Midnight Ghost Hunt is a match for me. And while the ghost hunting itself here is a lot of fun – tracking a ghoul’s location with your EMF radar, before shooting them with a harpoon never gets old – Midnight Ghost Hunt is definitely better with the shoe (boo?) On the other foot. Watching unlucky hunters fail to find your location while posing as an ornate wall clock is the absolute best feeling; such as being seen and then weaving between inanimate objects, dodging furious waves of gunfire as you make your great ethereal escape.

Even better, a set of paranormal abilities to unlock makes the trial even more entertaining. During the minute-long planning phase of a ghost run (where the ghosts have time to organize their hiding places before the hunters arrive), a teammate threw “Poltergeist” on several tables and chairs, causing the furniture will float. and attack nearby enemies. Before being activated by the hunters chasing me, I also threw corruption at the same tables and chairs, causing them to explode on impact. The results were devastating, and the ability to combine and experiment with abilities reminded me of BioShock’s Plasmid system and Prey’s Typhoon Mimic Matter neuromod, with the added benefit of cooperative plotting.

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midnight ghost hunt

(Image credit: Coffee Stain Studios)

“Did that old TV just move? Has this chandelier turned? Am I missing the plot? The answer to all three was, in most cases, yes.

For balance, the ghostly guide wheel fills a plasma bar which, when full, makes its presence more alert to hunters. Just moving around allows the bar to empty, which means it’s not uncommon to see chandeliers making strange trips along the second-floor ramps, or alarm clocks running on circuits on upstairs nightstands when no one is looking. . The more you play Midnight Ghost Hunt, the more obvious these observations become, but the more aware I became of these player-centric quirks, the more I found myself questioning everything. Did that old TV just move? Has this chandelier turned? Am I missing the plot? The answer to all three was, in most cases, yes.

Which is part of the beauty of Midnight Ghost Hunt. It blatantly plays with its inspirations, giving players the tools and playgrounds to create their own desperate cat-and-mouse and hide-and-seek stories, each taking place in real time. I had to spend my first dozen or so matches getting my ass kicked in the Midnight Ghost Hunt museum, shipwreck, theater, and mansion as a hunter and ghost while trying to learn the unscripted rules that popped up on the fly. The fact that I kept coming back for more says a lot about the game, and once it all fell into place, it was truly out of this world.

depending on the game steam page, developer Vaulted Sky Games estimates that Midnight Ghost Hunt will remain in Early Access for the “next 1-2 years”. It’s already amazing in its current state, and I can’t wait to see where it will be when it’s fully released.

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