Mike Myers Fought to Use Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody in Wayne’s World

Today, it’s hard to imagine the iconic Wayne’s World scene with any other song, and Myers must still feel a certain degree of pride over having stuck to his instincts. The film likely would have still fared well without the scene altogether, since it was a hit for many reasons, but the sequence has remained synonymous with Wayne’s World (as well as Myers’ career) even all these years later. Unfortunately, Wayne’s World 2, which arrived in theatres the following year, lacked any equally-memorable moments. Still, for a sketch that appeared now and again on SNL, Wayne’s World proved remarkably successful as a film franchise.

In recent years, Myers has taken on several more classic comedy roles. After starring as the titular International Man of Mystery in the beloved Austin Powers film, Myers also found tremendous success as the voice of the green ogre Shrek. However, despite these major successes, it is difficult to match or recreate the staying power of Wayne’s World. The film earned its place in comedy history upon its release back in 1992, setting the stage for Myers’ illustrious career. The fact that the actor himself played a key part in creating one of the film’s most iconic moments is a testament to his talent and ear for exceptional comedy.

Source: Vanity Fair

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