Mission: Impossible 7 Trailer Makes 1 Tom Cruise Trend Even Bigger

Interestingly, it’s not just Cruise that’s seen running throughout the trailer. Other actors are also shown to be engaging in Cruise’s screen pastime, most notably Simon Pegg’s Benji. The flashes of various running scenes in multiple locations not only add a sense of urgency to the trailer but also prove exactly why the Mission: Impossible franchise needs Tom Cruise, as his own characteristics as an actor have inextricably fused with it to form the essence of the franchise. The repeated running scenes showcased in the Mission: Impossible 7 trailer prove not only that Cruise is the key to the whole franchise, but that its films have been entirely shaped by his signature style.

Visually, the Mission: Impossible 7 trailer even hints at this. It’s a small touch, but the most significant scene of Cruise running comes immediately after his name flashes across the scene, indicating an awareness of the actor’s well-known love of running in his movies—to the point where it has become a well-intentioned joke on the internet. With the trailer seemingly branching this trope out to encompass the behavior of supporting characters, too, it would seem that Mission: Impossible 7 has well and truly embraced Tom Cruise’s running as an integral part of his acting.

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