Moon Knight: 9 MCU Heroes He Would Be The Perfect Partner For

With Deadpool joining the MCU in his third movie, many will want to see the Merc with a Mouth interact with so many different characters. Ryan Reynolds perfected his performance as Deadpool to the point where he could criticize anyone.

Both Marc Spector and Wade Wilson are mercenaries with less than desirable backstories. It can be easily pieced together that Marc and Wade have worked together in the past, and it would be great to see these two characters together.


Although technically a Sony character, the post-credits scene of Morbius teases that the titular antihero will be entering the MCU to fight Tom Holland’s Spider-Man; potentially as a member of the live-action Sinister Six.

Since Moon Knight deals more with supernatural and horror-based threats, including other types of vampires, it’s not too hard to see the two interact. They could even work together to fight Marvel’s Dracula, who owes Moon Knight money in the comics.


It was previously rumored that Blade would make his physical debut in the MCU in the moon knight series after her vocal cameo in eternal. Like Morbius, Blade fights in the darkest reaches of the Marvel Universe, often battling the undead, vampires, and anything that happens in the night.

moon knight has previously featured similar elements such as mummies and zombies. Moon Knight and Blade are also members of a Marvel team known as the Midnight Suns. As a result, having the two dark heroes work together to set up Midnight Suns would fit right in with the MCU’s style of building one big crossover.


Although he was later recalled avengers endgameThe Hulk and Bruce Banner struggled with the duality of having two people sharing the same body. Moon Knight also struggles with this due to his dissociative identity disorder, which translates to the personalities of Marc, Steven, and Jake. The Hulk mythos has a lot of horror elements, just like Moon Knight, as he too was inspired by classic movie monsters.

The swapping of identities could not only lead to some humorous scenes between the two Marvel heroes, but perhaps they could both learn from each other. Marc and Steven could learn to treat each other better, while Bruce Banner and the Hulk could learn to communicate like Marc and Steven do.


Moon Knight is known for dealing with the mystical threats of Egyptian mythology, but he is also a street vigilante. To a degree, he has a lot of similarities to Batman, which could make him the perfect character to partner with another Batman equivalent: Daredevil.

Daredevil is also no stranger to the supernatural, given that he deals with both The Hand and Elektra’s resurrection. The two heroes together could develop a dynamic and plot that would be more akin to a pulp detective story.


At this point, the MCU version of Spider-Man has made a career of crossing paths with other heroes. Later Spider-Man: No Coming HomeSpider-Man will be without his ties to the Avengers, but that doesn’t mean he can’t interact with other heroes.

Spider-Man and Moon Knight have had many interactions across various forms of media, from comics to animation to video games. The familiar Spider-Man interacting with such a brutal and twisted vigilante often leads to a hilarious presentation of total opposites.

night werewolf

Moon Knight not only debuted in an edition of night werewolf, but the Werewolf By Night character is getting his own movie on Disney+. This leaves the MCU wide open for a crossover between the two characters.

Werewolf By Night could easily be incorporated into future seasons of moon knight as a guest character, or vice versa with Moon Knight appearing in the night werewolf movie. Both would go on to add to Marvel’s supernatural horror side.

bucky barnes

After all these years, Bucky Barnes has been through so much sadness that he could easily be a wise mentor figure himself. He knows what it’s like to be subjected to so much psychological trauma to the point of making him a new person.

Moon Knight’s dissociative identity disorder isn’t exactly the same, but Marc and Bucky share a lot of pain. Not only could they bond, but Bucky could teach Marc and Steven enough pain management to help balance his life as Marc, Steven, and Jake.

strange doctor

At this point, Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange has become a character in his own right providing ties to much of the MCU. Strange helped reunite Thor and Loki with his father, was instrumental in the Avengers’ victory over Thanos, and reunited three iconic Spider-Men. Doctor Strange is supposed to be the great hero who watches over all the mystical threats in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

With Marc Spector being the avatar of a literal Egyptian god of vengeance, Strange would want to be aware of Moon Knight and the villains that would result from his actions. The two could work together to combat all kinds of supernatural threats with their two completely different attitudes that lend themselves to plenty of humorous banter.

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