Moon Knight Fan Poster Recreates Episode 3’s Most Stunning Khonshu Scene

New moon knight Episode 3 fan art recreates the dramatic scene when Khonshu flips the night sky. Wonderful moon knight is a thrilling psychological journey that follows the tangled and often confusing relationship between Steven Grant, Marc Spector, and the Egyptian god of the moon, Khonshu. Disney+ began streaming the new series in March 2022, adding it to Marvel’s expanding catalog of shows using the streaming platform as a launchpad. moon knight stars Golden Globe-winning actor Oscar Isaac as Marc and Steven and tells their story over six episodes. Disney+ reveals the show’s conclusion to the public on May 4, 2022.

moon knight Episode 3 opens with Marc frantically searching for evil cult leader Arthur Harrow to help Khonshu stop him from resurrecting the Egyptian goddess Ammit. Marc’s wife, Layla, eventually lands in Cairo looking for Marc, and the two heroes steal a map of the constellations, hoping that she will discover the location of Ammit’s grave. However, Steven soon realizes that the map matches what the sky was like 2000 years earlier, leaving them no closer to discovering the location of Harrow or the tomb. Desperate, Khonshu uses his powers to change the hands of time, causing the night sky to recede as the map is created.

New moon knight The fan art posted by mizuriau on Instagram recreates the amazing scene from Episode 3 when Khonshu uses his incredible powers above the night sky. From a distant vantage point, the artwork sees Khonshu and Steven, Mr. Knight, working together to move the stars as they please while Layla waits. The images also feature the dramatic pattern of rotating stars, with lunar phases arcing across the night sky. Check the message below:

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While the moon knight The scene was quite amazing to watch, going back in time cost Khonshu dearly. Khonshu pleads his case to the gods earlier in Episode 3, asking them to deal with Harrow and his infamous loyalty to Ammit. However, Harrow turns the tide and accuses Khonshu of taking advantage of Marc and Steven. Thus, Khonshu’s decision to turn back time was ultimately a challenge, and the gods imprisoned the moon god in a small statue as punishment. The sky scene was a turning point for moon knightAnd not just for its beauty. He demonstrates the amazing abilities of Khonshu, which are again displayed beautifully in this fan art.

moon knight episode 3 left the question of whether Khonshu is gone forever. However, when Khonshu says that going back in time has a cost, he tells Steven that Marc will have to free him after the gods enact his punishment. Thus, it can be assumed that moon knight I didn’t see the last of Khonshu or his incredible powers. As Harrow continues to cast his spell on Ammit’s behalf, Marc, Steven, and Layla will likely need the power of Khonshu to help foil his plan. moon knight now he is preparing for his final game, so expect many more surprises to come.

moon knight releases new episodes Wednesdays on Disney+.

Source: mizuriau/Instagram

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