Moon Knight Finally Admits His Greatest Weakness Isn’t What Fans Think

Even with Tigra and Moon Knight’s fellow allies surrounding him, it’s been pretty evident that Zodiac has been pushing Moon Knight to the limits of his darkness. Moon Knight’s even resorted to summoning Khonshu for help, a communion that can’t bode well for the future. As such, the value of someone like Tigra being there for Marc is extremely high given his struggles and desire to not be alone.

Even when considering Marc’s crowded psyche, it makes sense that Moon Knight would want a friend, having someone outside of his own mind to help keep him anchored to reality while also helping him resist his inner darkness. It’s no secret that Moon Knight has been far more brutal in the past than he’s currently been in this new series. As such, here’s hoping Moon Knight’s friends can help him remain a hero in his quest for justice against Zodiac.

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